Nine Images: Second Arrest

On the 15th October 2021 I got another knock at the door. Police, with apparently the right to take what they like. So right now you are thinking "Fuck you Steve Kidd, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me". In this case the shame IS definitely on me, for being such a dick. The thing is, I am on a sexual harm prevention order, and I am not allowed to do certain things.

  • I am not allowed to delete files or history (I genuinely thought I was allowed, I had the definite impression after specifically asking, perhaps I misinterpreted, but it seems daft that if a drive fills up I am stuck with it).
  • I am not allowed to use The Cloud [I uploaded my two main work files, spreadsheets with quiz questions, to Dropbox 22 days ago (today is 16th October), I can't see a way around Google synching via the cloud].
  • I am not allowed to have any form of digital storage without informing the police (I had a six TB hard drive delivered via ebay a few weeks ago, my last hard drive got trashed; I meant to tell the police, in fact I'm pretty sure I rang up about it, I was definitely not trying to hide it from anybody)
  • ButtonsI am not allowed to browse incognito (I think I downladed a couple of Disney films incognito (my bad) in August. A couple of days ago i noticed I had clicked the 'New incognito window' button instead of 'New window', which I, of course, shut and swapped immediately. On my interview I was told it had happened twice, and frankly, I was relieved, it is easy to fat finger on those buttons, and I'm suprised it hadn't happened more often.

    And me, stupid, lacsadaisical, idiot that I am, have done all those four things. Never with any attention to conceal, or do anything nefarious (OK, Reya and The Last Dragon was a rip). There was a couple of other things mentioned in the interview that looked like flash pages that pop up, but I don't think they were anything but bloaty stuff which I ignored

    So now I'm another laptop, another hard drive, a tablet and two phones lighter. everything. Again. EVERYTHING gone. It seems such a terrible, disheartening waste. I'm not saying I didn't transgress those rules. I feel like an idiot, it's not as if it was a difficult thing to keep on top of informing. It's a big cost though, not just in work and hardware; I can't blame anybody who saw the removal van sized police vehicle parked outside my house all yesterday morning thinking "fool me once..". Go Facebook.

    Sorry. Sorry to all the lovely people around me who I can't seem to help disappointing.