Nine Images: Samantha

Samantha is, I am sure, a great person, I was going look after her house and little dog for a few days, but, before we sealed the deal I told her I was under a Sexual Harm Prevention Order. I didn't have to tell her, but a combination of openess (I have fessed up to many people who I have had absolutely no obligation to tell) and the very real fear that because I would have been obliged to inform the police and they would have likely told her anyway led me to the descision. I sent the email with the information, said out loud "I've done the right thing" and waited anxiously, the balance of probability in my mind being that she would find somebody else. She did. Bless her. Now, she was quite open and communicative about the situation and she told me that someone close to her had suffered through some issue conected to sexual harm. And I felt sorry for her, and the victim. But, in my dissappointment I could not help but think that very few people would ever take that same descision, of not employing a house sitter, because they had, for instance, broken the speed limit. Hell let's go a bit further and say killed a person whilst driving. In the first place I doubt very much wether they would have been informed in the first place, there would have never been any obligation to disclose to the police any plans to stay in a different address for 7 days, ergo, the police would have neither obligation or opportunity to conduct any mischief making.

I doubt weather I personally would take descision based on a person's history unless they posed a clear risk. And regarding people with motor convictions (and without) I have lost a nephew, a grandmother, a dog and and perhaps the best years of my life because of cars, so it's not like I have not suffered the same as Samantha's friend.

It is not particularly inspiring writing such a story. So fuck it. My time is better spent finding people who want house sitting and keeping the stay to under 7 days. Morality dictates that I should tell them, but pragmatism of non disclosure might help them in that they would get a flipping great house/dog sitter. Who said that any of this affair was governed by morality? :(