Nine Images: Stuart

For two years I have carried the guilt. For two years I have been wondering, did I trigger the raid somehow? I always suspected it would have been an air bnb guest, but to point fingers would have been very wrong. I learned something yesterday (23rd August 2021, three months after my sentencing). Apparently every man and his dog knew that I had a chap staying at my house for precisely the period of time in question who, on May 27th 2021 was locked up for 5 years for sex offences. Hands-on sexual offences.

I kicked him out of my house back in late summer 2019, fundamentaly I just didn't get on with him, but he was peculiar and I should have delved deeper. He booked in through his wife's account, lived just a mile or two away and told me he had an outstanding court case concerning debt, and wanted to be hidden from the baliffs. After his initial week he paid cash and stayed I don't know, two or three months, having the house to himself for some weeks. I always thought he may have been involved, I mean he left a frikkin dildo in the room, meh. He was a member of a whatsapp group involved in paedophilia.

I have looked at a couple of articles about him online, and they didn't exactly tell me much. I do not wish to dwell on them. Look up Stuart Jones, Pontefract if you want, you will get a picture. The bastard lied to me. I gave him my trust and he bare faced lied. If he did not trigger the internet activity which resulted in my computer (on which there were no images) along with two hard drives (one of which contained nine images I had never looked at for the life of that hard drive) being taken and destroyed along with my life, I'll stand the drop of York.