Nine Images: Positives

Sometimes I think there may be only a couple of dozen decent people on the planet. Fortunately I know all of them.

There is no escaping the fact that on paper, I seem to be having really good productive days, so much so I could feel guilty!

Every day now I

  • Organise something that needs organising in my life
  • Exercise and am running faster and pushing more press ups than I have done for nearly a decade
  • Create something, even if it is only a list like this
  • Read: In the last week I read The Secret Commonwealth. That's the first book in a long time
  • Learn something, usually quiz related (and I can win quizzes, which is kind of not unpleasant)
  • Thank somebody
  • Reach out to somebody
  • Learn a bit of a song. I've nailed A Nightingale Sang In Barclay Square and am now on Goodbye To Love

    And, frankly, I've done amazingly well. Real progress in everything.

    I can't grumble in that:

  • Going for a walk and talk with my brother is worth so much
  • Sitting with my brothers and sisters is something which just never happens, until now
  • Dare I say I am less aggresive?
  • My daughter coming to see me is unusual and beautiful
  • I understand that the three most important things to start the day are a tidy room, An open window to listen to bird song, and a strong small sweet coffee - it just doesn't get any better!
  • Understanding why people do bad things is a good thing, 'cos I don't hate them for it
  • Knowing that I have always done my best to be good and helpfull and nothing else to children has got to be worth repeating in my mind
  • People have been so kind and understanding, more so than I ever appreciated until now
  • To recieve calls, mails, and messages from people is something I am not used to, but is really great

    I think leaving FaceBook may be a super-positive thing.