The River Went: Yorkshire

A 35 km walk down a beloved Yorkshire stream

2: Standing Flat Bridge near Thorpe Audlin to the bridge on the A19 north of Askern - 11.25 Km

Start: Standing Flat Bridge near Thorpe Audlin - 447385,416737
End: Bridge on the A19 - 456505,416152

600m North-west of the Fox and Hounds at Thorpe Audlin on the A639 the road crosses the river. Use the route guide and map at the top of the page, and once again, the general rule of thumb is - follow the stream!

Apart from short stretches into Wentbridge and out of Kirk Smeaton this is all splendid off-road walking never more tha 250 metres from the river.

The first 5.3 km are on the right hand side, the next 3.5 km you cross to the north bank as far as Walden Stubbs, and then the remainder is along the south bank again.

There is loads of scope for alternative routes, specifically through Brocadale, where the oppsite side is well worth the visit.

The Shoulder of Mutton Pub in Kirk Smeaton is bang on half way for this section, and the entire route.

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