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A group dedicated to support of Jeremy Corbyn (JC) as leader of the Labour Party and the election of a coherent united Labour Party to government.

Events surrounding what we are doing are moving extraordinarily quickly. We would love Normanton, Knottingley and Castleford to have their own groups, but until such time as they do, we welcome you.

Why we should support Jeremy Corbyn.

  • He is open, truthful, consistent and fair; he has a command of economics, hence his commitment to raising the living standards of the poorest, which will, in turn benefit the richest, and long experience in parliament.
  • His opponents are not open, truthful, consistent and fair

    Aligned with Momentum (the national support group for Jeremy Corbyn - page linked above) it is set up, in part, as a sounding board.

    You are welcome to post,

  • Try to stay broadly on topic.
  • Be honest.
  • Answer reasonable questions.

    If you don't do the above three things, you are in the wrong group. But you might not be for long!

    You are welcome to your own opinions, you are not welcome to your own facts.

    It is maintained by Steve Kidd

    My mobile is 07462 27 25 52