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OMG this needs a tidy up. Look at the top of the page to links to various aspects of my quiz world. Check out my page on Question Setting Protocols, unless you are are a quizmaster who uses "It's only a bit of fun", and "That's what's written on the sheet" to excuse your incompetence.

I guess my project over the last couple of years has been going to SpeedQuizes and reviewing them

Here are a couple of recent musings pertinent to quiz reviews:

Speed Quizzing v Written Down Quizzes, Which is better and why.
Bitch Slaps- a curious aspect adopted by some SpeedQuiz hosts

I have always endevoured to facilitate net social welfare, i.e. I have always wished to do more "good" than "harm" I think this frightens the fuck out of people. Whatever, here are some thoughts on the topic.

I used to organise the best open filmed quizzes ("LightSpeed Quiz")in the country. No probably about it!