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News 18: Series 8, Stanley Ferry, 28th December 2003

One might be fluke, two could be luck, three is a pattern..

The eighth and final series of 2003 was at the beautiful Mill House at Stanley Ferry, near Wakefield, Yorkshire. For the first time no rookies particpated, and it was the quintet of Pat Gibson, Mark Kerr, Barry Simmons, Lee Warburton and yours truly (Steve Kidd) who contested six games. Things looked ominous after game one when, with Steve Kidd asking the questions, Pat waltzed away scoring 27 to the combined total of only 15 shared between his oponents. Game 2 saw Mark officiate a close thing, 87 points bagged in total with Steve finishing five clear of a bunched field. Once Mark returned in game three he stamped his authority and gained an easy win over Steve, Barry and Pat.

Well into game four Lee Warburton was up to twelve, Steve hit a rock bottom minus four and Mark and Barry were in it at about five each.

A Christmas miracle then happened, Steve won the match and the one after, making the last game academic (But he won that as well).

Final PositionsNamePointsPrizeh/cap
1Steve Kidd16£500.5
2Mark Kerr10-0.3
3Pat Gibson81.4
4Lee Warburton7-0.6
5Barry Simmons4-0.2

Games (n.b. In games 2 and 6 the placings were affected by the handicaps)
Game 1Game 2Game 3
Game 4Game 5Game 6
1stSteve26Steve Kidd26Steve26
3rdLee 17Mark10Lee14

For the record
NamePointsLeague PointsGamesAv
Steve Kidd11916523.80
Mark Kerr7310514.60
Pat Gibson808516.00
Lee Warburton547510.80
Barry Simmons624512.40

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Happy New Year

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