LSQ 2017 03 TeamLightSpeed Individual Open Buzzer Quiz 2017 03

Tournament 3, The Market Tavern, Thornaby-on-Tees

Nearly Perfect

The Market Tavern may be my favourite venue, in that it not only sits right in the Goldilocks zone in terms of it being not too big and not to small, it is also just right in that the Landlord and lady, Paul and Judy are totally wonderful, and even put us this curry on which turned the resolve of the most unresolute bike riding, tea-total, vegetarian (me, Steve Kidd :( ).

The new format is really bedding in, McP and Daniel just rocked through 160 brilliant questions and at the time of writing the films are a relative doddle to edit, with very little flim flam and and extraordinarily professional delivery. When released (starting on Monday April 24th and the next three weeks therafter) they will be at this playlist link. Likewise Mark Laycock did an 'Artists' special, and with every month these become more of a highlight. This particular one will be released on 15th April (World Art Day / Leonardo da Vinci's birthday of course!)

The QU12, will be released, as usual, on the 12th of next month at 12 noon

Provisional scores and standings

LightSpeed Quiz 2017 Tournament 3 results
LightSpeed Quiz 2017 Tournament 3 results

LightSpeed Quiz 2017 standings after 3 events
LightSpeed Quiz 2017 standings after 3 events

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LSQ 2017 04: Bletchingdon Sports and Social club, near Oxford, 29th April

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