Steve Kidd: Quiz questions

I suppose my mood swings on this, but I have had loads of really good questions on my site for years, and not one person has ever said thank you, so I've took them down. If you want questions and you are worried that internet ones are somehow not quite what you want, I would love to set you some (respect to those quiz leagues and others who do place their questions on line though, see my links page)

There are ruminations on how to format and set questions here. I wish question setters would adopt consistent protocols.

Here is a sample set questions. 1600,000 more where these came from (that's bollocks actually. There are 160 K. in a database at the moment but only perhaps 25,000 have been checked)

When scanning books for questions considerable time and effort goes into the process, and even then they don't come out perfectly. Whatever here are the results of some book scans (and I still bet nobody says thank you)

Pub Quiz Book (2002)
The Most Enormous Pop Quiz Book Ever (2002)
The Ultimate Football Fact and Quiz Book (1998)

My favourite question has always been "What has Will done wrong?". There's a tale behind this one which one day I will explain in full.