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Score Hiding

Without doubt, 'Speedquizzing' wipes the floor with written down quizzes, from a commercial and participatory standpoint, yet there is a strange trend of hosts diminishing the value of SpeedQuizzes. Look - The jackpot of winning a quiz has a huge value, written down or speed. Like der hoy. I would say that the pleasure of being first to answer a question is bonerfying - zero value in written down but one boner for every question in a SpeedQuiz. Imagine a SpeedQuiz with 100 questions - that's 100 boners - wow, great, doubles all round :)

Now, I wish to explore the display of scores in SpeedQuizzing, specifically, one's individual score which may be shown constantly in the top left hand corner of your own device screen, and the overall scores, the tables showing all competitor's scores and positions, that can be displayed frequently on TV screens or sent to your devices.

I suggest that showing these as much as possible engenders greater value. Personally I want to see the scores, I love seeing the scores, but I am not everybody. In any other sport or game that requires scoring, wether a player or spectator, one can generally glance up and see the scores, where one sits, especially relative to one's rivals. But speedquizzing is not necessarily 'any other sport or game'

I have no evidence that people 'like' the scores concealed. 100% of people I have spoken to when volunteering a preference say they want to see scores.

I have no evidence that hiding scores improves quiz numbers, and neither does anyone else. It is entire supposition which I believe though intuitive, is wrong. A host who hides scores will almost invariably say it is to keep things exciting, to not discourage the lower teams. I have seen people get up and leave quizzes where they don't know their scores and positions. Doubtless this happens when they do know scores as well, BUT, I certainly feel discouraged when I can't see the scores, less inclined to participate. That must be the case for teams who constantly see the same team being first without the succour of improving their position in a table without necessarily winning.

Without doubt 'fast-tracks' keep all teams in the mix, and through being reminded are a carrot to keep teams engaged (just saying this to suggest how to keep team involved and informed at the same time).

I have been to hundreds of super busy speedquizzes with frequent score-checks and individual notification.

When sliding scales are employed for speed of answer, individual scores can be monitored, which in itself is a reward for people who are fast but not necessarily first

I have copious evidence that some hosts who conceal scores cheat those scores. Slam dunk 100% bang to rights cheating. (I also have irrefutable evidence of hosts showing individual scores cheating those scores which makes them stupid as well as dishonest. Hilarious, but disturbing)

I suggest that showing the scores has no negative impact on numbers; there is no quantitative evidence that I know of to prove or disprove it. I know people want to see the scores, and there is overwhelming qualitative evidence to support this. I know that concealing scores opens up the opportunity for hosts to cheat.

Aim for equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

So just show us the scores FFS.