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Social Media engagement as a method of giving points

Lots of quiz hosts will give bonus points if you go on twitterfy or whatever and perhaps put a picture up about what a good time you are having.

It stands to reason that this probably works as a strategy for getting people in the pub, after all, it can't do any harm?

Or can it?

I am going to hazard it does 'harm'. Not to the pub or the quiz, they both gain from the process. But cost externalised is still cost.

I have visited quizzes where I have only discovered the bonus when it is too late, ergo a cost too me (offset by benefits to the other teams). It takes time, the last time I looked at the Transport Economic notes in 1872 or such, time spent in a traffic jam was valued at £10 per hour per person. I spent half an hour last friday flicking between connections and platforms trying to get stuck in, half an hour not buying a drink or enjoying myself. I perhaps am not alone. Cost to all teams

Why, you say, people love doing it!! Well fine, if they love doing it, they will do it anyway. I do, you don't have to bribe me to tell the truth or, more pertinently, fib.

We should encourage good social media postings. I really thought the internet was going to be the salvation of humanity by disseminating information on demand. It is a train wreck. Apart from islands like Wikipedia, a morass of opinion, misinformation, and bulk, far more insidious than that stranglehold enjoyed by earlier media.

It's just not cricket - but who said life was non-competitive?

I'll tell you what else it's not - It's not quiz - And perhaps we should make more stringent demands on truth

Henceforward I will attempt to join in the fun on social media - yaaaay!

But I will not say a pub quiz is most excellent if the chances of winning are significantly reduced by such fuckaboutery.

I respectfully suggest that social media posts employed to boost scores be couched as a request for honesty, hopefully favourable, with a value of one or two questions as a token of gratitude, not payola worth an entire round.