The Audition at The Moat House Hotel, YorkBeat the Nation, 2003

An Audition for the TV show

The day after Mastermind returned to our terrestrial tellys I was in York, having been invited, for an audition for a programme called "Beat The Nation" I didn't get selected, but we had a good time, and I may have learnt something.

The programme goes something like this:- Four contestants play three rounds, one getting knocked out at each stage. It is hosted by the legendary Tim Brooke Taylor and Dr Graham Garden. I will not be able to listen to my far and away favourite radio programme again.

Will, Bob and MeIn the audition, fifteen of us:

Leeds University occupy the top places! Here is the rub. After about 15 questions I was blanked out, having answered about 8. Was this good or bad for my chances of getting on? I don't know but I tried to be true to myself and do the best I could. I then had to keep my hand down while Will flew the flag for Leeds and got blanked out as well. My feelings were that I was in, but, by the same token I thought Will and his team were definites for University Challenge this year. (As an afterthought I recieved an email from Will on Saturday morning and he's filming in less than two weeks!)

And that's it, for now, apart from the fact that I then went and joined my lad, Jake, fishing on the River Ouse, continuing my most excellent day with a brace of 2 lb. Perch.

Perca Fluviatilis or Perch