Look.. first things first. These are not here cos we have an arrangement. The words and sentiments are mine entirely, these people have not been consulted or told these are here. They are just good, and I appreciate it.

I would like to thank, and endorse

Carter & Jackson Print and Design

North Baileygate
West Yorkshire,

Tel 01977 701 231
URL http://www.carterandjackson.com/
Darren and his associates have always, always managed to turn out great design and printing for me at a price that matches anything on line. They always have time for the small guy, along with their massive runs for coporate customers. You are very likely to catch them working outside opening hours 'cos they are in demand geysers. They still won't print me any money though!

Dave Tillotson

Bike Spares and Repairs
(also newsagents)
74 Churchbalk Lane,
West Yorkshire

Tel 01977 791 290
Hidden away in this corner of Pontefract, Dave along with his newsagents and grocers business stocks bike spares and fits them for you. He has bailed me out dozens of times over the last few years, and for this I owe him big time. He has always come through.
You have a choice: fanny about for ages and probably lose another part whilst your doing it, or just take it down to David. Sorted.

Orchard Bed and Breakfast

11 View Road
Cliffe Woods, Rochester
Kent ME3 8JQ
tel 01634 222 780
email enquiries@orchardcottagekent.co.uk URL http://www.orchardcottagekent.co.uk/
If you are visiting the British Museum, this place is about 100 yards right from the main entrance on the opposite side of the road. It just struck me that two excellent breakfasts, two mega cups of tea, in a cosy place with friendly staff for a smidge over �8 on 10th Febuary 2012 was just fantastic for London
My aliegiances for Portugese football have transfered to Braga

  • Chris Elliott of Tapiochre (An old friend to boot)!
  • Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger of Wikipedia: I can think of few things which have such a high general benefit to general cost as this. And I love it.
  • Mazadillion of Chart Archive: A gem of a website which delivers perfectly what it says on the packet.