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Cyclists suffer from unjust risk and poor representation. I, the author of these pages, am as much to blame as anyone, in underestimating the costs imposed upon cyclists and accepting the institutionalised predjudices to which they are subject. The legal system seems incapapable of justice, either through lack of understanding, guidance, power, unknown factors or a combination of these. The general populus exhibit huge inconsistency in judgement of cyclists, which must be assumed to bias witness reports and jury verdicts.

As you will see from this list, very few cyclists die without a motor vehicle being involved. Cyclists may be apportioned some portion of blame for their own demise, but please, not all of it! Eventually that total blame must reside somewhere, albeit perhaps divided; if not totally with the cyclist or driver, than we, as a society must apportion and accept some blame. This does not happen at the moment, and until such time as we take responsibility, it never will. Cyclists have little choice but to participate in a game of Russian Roulette, and we permit it. When they die we should put our hands up as organisers and observers of this 'game', say sorry, and compensate their dependents fairley. We should endevour to bring about net social welfare, but by killing cyclists we fail in this objective on many levels.

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No slip of a web page can ever bring back or do justice to a person's life. Whatever. here is #2 version (Basic details for all 2012 victims are up). In chronlogical order. There is so much left to do on this, but it has to go up 'cos when I die on my bike somebody will have to take over. Any mistakes are entirely the author's. Credit to The Times, Lovelobicycles and the countless web posters from whom I have cut n pasted.

George Dalgity aged 24 of Edinburgh was the first victim of McCourt, who subsequently killed Audrey Fife
On Friday 18 October 1985 Location: Regent Road, Edinburgh
Vehicle driven by Gary McCourt
Notes Fail to stop, fail to report, no insurance, no liscence, no L plate, argued the case with his two mates
Sentence 10 year ban

Rachel Barker aged 30
On Thursday 11 May 2000 Location: turning left at the Botley Road/Cripley Road junction

Lisa Harker's unborn child of Oxford was in a cycle lane on Botley Road
On Thursday 1 January 2004 (Precise date Unknown) Location: junction of Botley Road and Roger Dudman Way in Oxford
18-tonne lorry
Notes No notes

Tsz Fok aged 22 of Oxford was An outstanding engineering student and a gifted musician
On Wednesday 18 April 2007 Location: Junction of Broad Street and Parks Road, Oxford
Dustcart driven by Trevor Ashworth

Ashworth turned left, crushing Mr Fok and his bicycle because he could not see him.

Outside court, family friend Htun Aye, 63, who had known Mr Fok since he was a boy, said he thought Ashworth should have been jailed.

He added: "My personal feelings are he should have got a custodial sentence...Tsz's family are not coping very well...They are still devastated and find it very difficult at this time...He did not deliberately set out to kill Tsz, but unfortunately, it is a matter of fact that a young character - a person whose life was just starting - has been taken."

After the four-day trial held at Wantage Magistrates' Court, Judge Loosley said Ashworth had driven without due care and attention because he had been making mobile phone calls shortly before the collision, and failed to notice his faulty mirror.

He said: "The city centre is heavily populated by pedestrians and cyclists and, in my view, no reasonable, competent or prudent driver would drive that lorry in that state in Oxford on that morning, because of the inherent danger posed to other people."

But Mr Fok was not blameless because he should have waited for Ashworth to turn before he set off from the traffic lights, the judge added.

Sgt Peter Jell, of Bicester Roads Police, backed the verdict and sentence.

Sentence £500 and banned from driving for eight months today, £1000 costs and £15 victim surcharge

Jo Walters aged 28 of Hove was A Newly qualified teacher
On Tuesday 13 July 2010
Notes "She lost control of her cycle and wobbled into the road in front of an oncoming truck as she tried to avoid another rider"

Pat Kenny 72 was A Record breaking cyclist
On Friday 21 January 2011 Location: slip road of the A38 at Claymills near Burton-on-Trent
Vehicle driven by Andrew Mylrea aged 46 of Derby
Sentence 12 month ban and was ordered to carry out 150 hours’ unpaid work

Thomas Barret of RAF Northolt was An RAF Group Captain
On Thursday 10 March 2011
Van driven by Paul Luker aged 51
Notes The driver said that he had not seen the victim as a result of the low sun being in his eyes.
Sentence 12 months, 100 hours

Michael Caulfield aged 56 of Saintfield, Co Down
On Friday 15 April 2011 Location: Ormeau Road and Annadale Embankment
Lorry driven by James Jeffers Thompson aged 52 of Rose Park, Tandragee, County Armagh
Notes after the jury was sworn in, the prosecution did not offer evidence and Mr Thompson was found not guilty "A witness came forward a week or two after that and had seen what had happened at the junction. They reduced the charge to causing death by careless driving, but even at that it was quite a serious charge." The lorry driver said he found it "nerve-wracking" to be standing in the dock of a court, with a jury having been sworn in, adding that he was not expecting the "last minute" decision that spared him from facing a full trial. Continue reading the main story “Start Quote Many a time I wished I could, but I had no power to change the outcome of that accident and unfortunately, people's lives were going to be changed forever” James Thompson "The Director of Public Prosecutions had a third look at the evidence and realised that there was no way they could charge me with anything. Basically there was no evidence at all whatsoever," Mr Thompson said.
Sentence Nothing

Audrey Fyfe aged 75
On Monday 1 August 2011 Location: between Portobello Road and Craigentinny Avenue
Vehicle driven by Gary McCourt
Notes Prosecutors said his sentence for causing the death of Audrey Fyfe, 75, in Edinburgh in 2011 was too lenient. However, the appeal was rejected by appeal court judges in Edinburgh. Mrs Fyfe's daughter, Aileen Brown, later said she was "lost for words" at the decision.Sheriff James Scott mentioned in his judgement the fact that Mrs Fyfe wasn't wearing a helmet. See George Dalgety, one of McCourts previous victims
Sentence 300 hours of community service and a five-year driving ban for causing death by careless driving

Joanna Braithwaite aged 34
On Friday 28 October 2011 Location: Woodstock Rd North Oxford
Vehicle driven by Stephen Bateman, aged 75 of Astrop Road, Middleton Cheney, Banbury,
Notes Judge Harold Persaud He said: 'They [the parents] do not seek retribution and have recognised how this has affected you.' Oxford Crown Court was told that blonde Ms Braithwaite was cycling to church when Bateman failed to spot her as he reversed after overshooting his turning opposite a school. It was unclear whether she fell from her bicycle trying to avoid the lorry or was knocked over before the two nearside rear wheels ran over her body. She was dragged along the road for several yards as other motorists sounded their horns and pedestrians shouted at Bateman to stop, the court heard. Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
Sentence suspended eight-month prison sentence, with 240 hours of unpaid work and banned him from driving for three years

David Noy aged 64 of Saxmunden, Suffolk
On Wednesday 4 January 2012 at 7:45 AM Location: B1121 road near Saxmundham in Suffolk
Ford driven by Darren Baker aged 46 of Manor Gardens, Saxmundham
Notes failed to stop at the scene "Couldn't remember"
Sentence one-year community order, ordered to do 240 hours of unpaid work and banned from driving for three years!

Andrew McNicoll aged 43 of Balerno
On Thursday 5 January 2012 at 8:00 AM Location: Lanark Road in Edinburgh.
Land Rover
Notes Very little web information on this
Sentence No news of any arrest or prosecution

James Hodgson aged 14 of Arddleen
On Thursday 5 January 2012 at 4:40 PM Location: A483 north of Welshpool, between Four Crosses and Arddleen
Black Volkswagen Polo
Notes No verdict found

James Darby aged 44
On Saturday 7 January 2012 Location: Beckenham near London
Notes Struck by the door of a parked car as it was opened by the driver

Steven Shaw Prime aged 47 of Hatfield
On Wednesday 11 January 2012 at 5:15 AM Location: A18 between Crowle and Thorne
White Mercedes sprinter van aged 27 was Minor Injuries
Notes Officers believe Mr Prime was cycling in front of the van prior to the collision. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have appealed for witnesses.

Maria Micklethwaite aged 36 was a Barnsley midwife
On Friday 13 January 2012 Location: South Hiendly, West Yorkshire.
Ford Focus driven by Jeffrey Walton aged 51 of Ryhill
Notes The weather was bright and dry but significantly the sun was sitting very low in the sky and was very bright, and because of its position restricted a driver’s view, wearing a helmet and dressed appropriately at the time of the collision
Sentence Hung Jury

Josh Dale aged 14 of Colwick was A Carlton le Willows Academy pupil
On Friday 13 January 2012 Location: middle of the Colwick Loop Road, at the junction with Mile End Road
Blue Ford Focus driven by Martin Matthews
Notes Died of his injuries in hospital on January 24.
Sentence verdict of accidental death

Neil Thompson aged 54 of Leicestershire was A School Teacher
On Thursday 19 January 2012 Location: Botcheston Road, Newtown Unthank, near Desford
Nissan Prime driven by William Manson aged 62
Notes Leicester Crown Court was told Manson, who had a clean driving licence, was overtaking Mr Thompson's bicycle in the face of an oncoming BMW. He misjudged the speed of the BMW. On realising his error, he moved his Nissan X-Trail back into his side of the road, causing Mr Thompson to be thrown over his handlebars. Alan Murphy, prosecuting, said the tragedy happened at 5pm as science graduate Mr Thompson cycled home to Kirkby Mallory after a few drinks at the Steam Trumpet pub, in Thornton. Manson, an electrical engineer, of Meadow Way, Melton, was travelling in the same direction after finishing work. It was a country lane he had regularly travelled on for nine years and the conditions were dry and clear. Shortly after passing the junction with Markfield Lane, he ended up behind Mr Thompson and followed him through a series of bends at about 15mph. Mr Thompson was cycling in a "perfectly proper" manner, about a foot into the road from the edge, with front and rear lights. Mr Murphy said: "As the road straightened he commenced overtaking the bicycle." An oncoming BMW driver became concerned because of the short distance between them. It is not known at what speed the BMW was travelling. The BMW driver later told police he thought it was a 50 mph zone, when it was 40 mph. A line of drivers behind the defendant could clearly see the cyclist and oncoming BMW's headlights and thought it was an odd time to overtake. Read more:
Sentence was jailed for eight months for causing death by careless driving in October 2012.

Christopher Griffiths aged 50 of Wynard Area
On Monday 23 January 2012 Location: A19 about half a mile before the A1027 junction, near Hartlepool.
Mercedes HGV driven by Paul Dove aged 55 of Farrington, Sunderland
Notes cleared of causing a cyclist's death by careless driving after two juries were unable to reach verdicts
Sentence Arrested and bailed on suspicion of dangerous driving, Two trials two jurors held out

Robb Fraser aged 40 was captain of the Thatcham Cricket Club
On Tuesday 24 January 2012 at 8:52 AM Location: A4 Bath Road at the junction of Pound Lane
Hanson Lorry driven by Jonathan Payne
Notes Assistant deputy Berkshire coroner Anna Burnside recorded a verdict of accidental death. Another weird one. Both witnesses say Robb shot out in front of a Lorry, which had no chance to stop. Although the driver was on hands-free, he was doing less than 30

Lee Anthony Davison aged 31 of Sulgrave, in Washington
On Wednesday 25 January 2012 at 10:00 PM Location: Cherry Blossom Way in Washington
Vehicle driven by William Moon aged 54 of Chelmsford Square, Hylton Castle
Notes This takes the fucking biscuit. The cyclist “may not have had a rear light”. No witnesses.
Sentence Suspended jail sentence and was banned from driving for five years.

Ken Usher aged 77 of Dowsdale, Crowland was A record-holding veteran cyclist
On Friday 3 February 2012 at 1:00 PM Location: Broadgate, Whaplode Drove
Suzuki Wagon driven by Walter Coupland aged 80 of Winsover Road, Spalding was Not Injured
Notes denied causing the death of cyclist Ken Usher by careless driving on February 3 last year. The jury of six men and six women cleared him after deliberating for more than six hours at the end of a trial at Lincoln Crown Court. The collision occurred at lunchtime as Coupland turned left off Broadgate onto Parsons Lane at Whaplode Drove.

At the time he was travelling from Spalding to visit a relative in Throckenholt.

Mr Usher (77), a veteran cyclist who lived in Dowsdale, Crowland, died within minutes of the collision.

At the time of the collision he was out on his daily cycle run riding his custom-built three-wheeler.

Coupland told the jury “I was just my side of the centre white line when the collision occurred.

“You have to take that turning very, very steady. That was what I was doing.

“If you don’t do it like that then you don’t know if there is anybody coming up the road.

“I didn’t expect there would be a collision.

“When the collision happened my windscreen was shattered.

“I didn’t know what it was. It happened so quick.

“In over 50 years of driving I’ve never had a speeding ticket or an accident.

“I’m very sorry for what happened. I did take care. I came round the corner and he was right against the white line.”

Robert Underwood , prosecuting, told the jury the fatal collision was caused by Coupland straying over the centre white line into the wrong carriageway.

He told the jury “Ken Usher was blameless. The cause of the collision was the careless driving of the defendant.

“He drove his car across the centre line road markings and as a consequence he struck Ken Usher.

“We say his driving fell below the standard to be expected of a careful and competent driver.”

Henry Warwick aged 61 was a 'most experienced' bicycle courier
On Friday 3 February 2012 at 1:00 PM Location: Turning left bus off bishopgate
Terravision airport bus.
Notes No verdict found

Alan Mort aged 63 of Kinmel Bay, Conwy was a retired paramedic
On Monday 6 February 2012 at 12:38 PM Location: A548 near Manor Industrial Estate, between Flint and Bagillt
Silver Range Rover driven by John James Evans
Notes The court heard that other drivers, including two driving behind Evans, saw Mr Mort cycling in a straight line. Witnesses said the victim was riding close to the kerb and was wearing a high visibility jacket. He had invested in only the best safety equipment and clothing and was visible to two drivers behind Evans who expressed disbelief that he had not done so. Mr Mort would have been visible to Evans for at least 20 seconds, the court heard. But Evans did not see him and did not brake or swerve to avoid him Evans initially denied causing death by dangerous driving but changed his plea to guilty at the court hearing on Tuesday. What a fucking prince
Sentence 14 months, 18 month ban, extended driving test

Stephen David Salt aged 46 of Bare, Morecambe
On Sunday 12 February 2012 Location: in a crash with two cars on the Kendal bypass one being driven by an off-duty police officer.
Vehicle driven by Hayley Johnson

A CYCLIST who died after being hit by two cars on the A591 near Kendal was nearly three times over the drink-drive limit, an inquest heard.

Stephen Salt, 46, of Bare, Morecambe, suffered multiple head, chest and rib injuries after being knocked off his bike by one car into the path of a second.

He died at the scene.

The incident happened in thick fog and darkness close to Prizet Filling Station on February 12 last year.

Earlier, the postman drank at the Eagle and Child pub in Staveley before making his way home southbound along the dual carriageway.

Witnesses told how they saw Mr Salt riding in the middle of the road, close to the white lines, and how he swerved from one side of the carriageway to the other minutes before the collision.

Kerry Hazelgrave, of Bridlington, who was also in the pub, saw Mr Salt drinking before riding off, telling the inquest that, given the weather conditions, she could not believe he was riding a bike wearing just dark clothes.

Matthew Stidston, of Burneside, a back seat passenger in a vehicle, said he saw Mr Salt close to the central reservation and described the bike’s back light as ‘dim’.

Ian Slater, who was driving home to Lindale with his wife having joined the road at Kendal, said his wife spotted Mr Salt in the middle of the road before he went from the outside to the inside lane.

And mobile care worker Brian Carradice described how Mr Salt, who was a keen cyclist and runner, swerved in front of his vehicle as he made his way to an appointment in Natland.

Hayley Johnson, an off-duty Cumbria Police officer, was driving home to Lancaster after a shift in Kendal when her red Seat Ibiza struck Mr Salt at around 8.15pm.

She said: “I was in lane one and then there was a light in the centre of the road. My initial thoughts were it was a car with a light out or a motorbike.

“By the time I got closer I struck Mr Salt with my offside wing mirror and caused him to come off his bike.”

Seconds later, while lying in the road, he was run over by a green Skoda Fabia driven by Elaine Hill, a nurse from Dalton-in-Furness.

In her report, pathologist Alison Armer wrote: “Although it is not possible to be absolutely certain which impact caused which injuries, it’s my opinion that this man was alive when run over by the second vehicle.”

WPC Diane Bowman, of Cumbria Police’s Collision Investigation Unit, and South and East Cumbria Coroner Ian Smith both said there was little Ms Hill could have done to avoid hitting Mr Salt.

And PC Simon Eyres, who arrived on scene soon after, said: “Elaine did an outstanding job bearing in mind the unfortunate incident which happened to her. She acted very professionally and remained with Mr Salt.”

WPC Bowman told the inquest that Mr Salt was not wearing a helmet or any reflective clothing.

Mr Smith recorded a verdict of accidental death at the hearing, which was held at County Hall, Kendal.

He said: “Mr Salt was in no fit state to be riding a bike. The drink is a factor, I have no doubt whatsoever about that.”

Ali Nasralla aged 8
On Monday 5 March 2012 Location: was hit by a black cab as he cycled home from school in Kingston in southwest London.
Black Cab
Notes No news of any arrest or prosecution
Sentence No news of any arrest or prosecution

Bryan Simons aged 40
On Monday 5 March 2012
Notes Head injuries

Junaid Ali Khan aged 12 of Chorlton, Manchester was a pupil of Chorlton High School, and was "very much loved by his friends and people knew him as a cheerful young lad".
On Saturday 10 March 2012 at 3:40 PM Location: Brantingham Road, Chorlton,
Suzuki Swift car
Notes No verdict found

Andrew Ridsdale aged 43 of Mirfield was A Member of the Epsom Cycling Club
On Sunday 18 March 2012 at 8:55 AM Location: A1 Southbound, Nottinghamshire, near the end of the A634 Spital Road
HGV driven by Nigel Drake aged 43
Notes Drake was driving a HGV which hit Mr Ridsdale at 8.55am in the morning on the A1 southbound, near the end of the A634 Spital Road.
Sentence 26 week prison sentence, suspended for a year, a two year driving ban and £1,500 court costs.

Olatunji Johnson Adeyanju ('TJ') aged 17 was former Addey and Stanhope pupil
On Friday 23 March 2012 at 5:00 PM Location: Church Street, Deptford
Audi A3 driven by Barry Normah aged 27 of Watergate Street, Deptford
Notes Normah, who paused for a short while after the accident before driving off again and dumping his car, was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving at an Old Bailey trial. At Woolwich Crown Court today (May 24) Normah was sentenced by Judge Christopher Kinch
Sentence 4 years prison

Lyndsey Maurice Dando aged 80 of Frome
On Friday 23 March 2012 at 2:20 PM Location: A361 Frome Bypass, between Feltham Lane and the Blatchbridge roundabout Read more:
Motorcycle driven by Robert Chapman aged 37 of Westbury was Killed
Notes No verdict found

Paul Derbyshire aged 44 of Cheddleton in Staffordshire
On Sunday 25 March 2012 Location: Draycott-in-the-Moors
Notes Died after falling. It is not believed any other vehicle was involved but a number of motorists stopped to help.

Tommy Berry aged 58 of Croston, Wigan was Junior Latics coach was a plumber by trade
On Tuesday 27 March 2012 at 6:50 PM Location: Meadow Lane, Croston, near Leyland, towards the A59
Black Fiat Punto driven by Samuel Fawcett aged 19 of Liverpool Road, Rufford

Found guilty of causing death by driving without due care and attention.

Fawcett had claimed he was temporarily blinded by the low setting sun when the collision happened at 6.50pm.

However police accident investigators found that he continued to drive at 40mph for at least 160 metres.

It is understood he only stopped when his car struck Mr Berry, who was hit from behind by Fawcett’

Sentence 300 hours unpaid work, banned from the road for two years

Frank Mugisha aged 41 of Enfield was A Ugandan born Sports Coach, was in a coma for six days
On Tuesday 27 March 2012 Location: junction of Great Cambridge Road and White Hart Lane
car driven by Jonathan Baird aged 62
Notes Driver pleaded guilty to death by careless or inconsiderate driving when he appeared at Wood Green Crown Court Victims Families and other members of the public who believe a sentence in a given case is unduly lenient can complain to their local Crown Prosecution Service office, which may then decide to refer the issue to the Attorney General to consider whether an appeal should be lodged. There is a 28-day limit between the date of sentencing and the case being referred by the Attorney General to the Court of Appeal, with no possibility of extension “There is no justice that could bring back Frank’s life but this sentence is a slap on the wrist – it doesn’t fit the crime.”
Sentence six-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, ordered to undertake 150 hours of unpaid work and to pay £500 costs. Banned from driving for three years, and will need to take an extended test before his licence is returned

Peter Doidge aged 56 of Bishopsteignton was Died April 6th
On Friday 30 March 2012 at 4:55 PM Location: Sackery, Combeinteignhead
dark coloured or black saloon car believed to be displaying a '57' year plate
Notes Very little web information on this

Stephen Warrington aged 60 of Stocking Farm Estate, Leicester
On Friday 6 April 2012 at 4:05 AM Location: A1 Northbound near Blyth in Nottinghamshire
Lorry driven by Nigel Kenneth Brining of Denshaw Grove, Morley, Leeds
Notes Nigel Kenneth Brining admitted causing death by careless driving at Worksop Magistrates’ Court on 28th November.

riving his lorry on the northbound carriageway of the A1 just after 4am on 6th April this year. Defending, Andrew Vickers said Brining had seen a red light ahead but failed to realise it was a rear bicycle light, instead thinking it was an illuminated roadside bollard.

Sentence banned Brining from driving for 12 months and imposed a six-week prison sentence, suspended for a year, to include 200 hours’ unpaid work

James Cramp aged 41 of Bexhill was a cabinet maker, single
On Thursday 12 April 2012 at 7:00 AM Location: A259 De La Warr Road between its junctions with College Road and the A269 Dorset Road
Lorry driven by Stephen Ramsden aged 60 of Morley
Notes moments before cabinet maker James “Jimmy” Cramp, 41, a single man from Clifford Road, came to grief were clearly captured in a sequence of “stills” from a forward-facing, closed circuit television camera mounted in the lorry cab. At the hearing on Wednesday, East Sussex coroner Alan Craze recorded a verdict of death from a road traffic accident as the result of severe injuries sustained when Mr Cramp fell into the road after riding along the pavement and struck his head on the carriageway. Police expert PC Adrian Short said that there was nothing to show that Mr Cramp or his Cannondale mountain bike had ever come into contact with the 16.55 metre articulated lorry being driven by Stephen Ramsden, 60, from Morley, Leeds, en route to a delivery in Eastbourne. The incident happened at around 7am on April 12 as both Mr Cramp and the curtain-sided lorry were heading west on the A259 De La Warr Road between its junctions with College Road and the A269 Dorset Road. Mr Ramsden said he had noticed a cyclist on the nearside pavement ahead of him and, as he drew close, saw him “starting to raise his left arm as if to pull something over his head”. This caused the bike to wobble and Mr Ramsden instinctively pulled away towards the centre of the road. He lost sight of the cyclist when he glanced in his nearside mirror, but then startled Mr Cramp’s parents by claiming that in another glance: “I saw him going back towards Hastings. He turned and went the other way.” Mr Ramsden continued driving and only found out about the accident when police approached him in Eastbourne. But because Mr Ramsden had seen the cyclist wobbling as he was passing, Mr Cramp’s mother, Jackie, cried out: “Any normal person in this world would have stopped to check.” The two-and-a-half hour hearing was briefly adjourned to allow Mrs Cramp to look at the CCTV photographs which showed her son starting to lose control of his bike close to the kerb. PC Short, an experienced accident investigator, calculated that it would have taken Mr Ramsden’s lorry just one-and-a-half seconds to pass Mr Cramp, and there were no marks to suggest he or his cycle had come into contact with the vehicle or that he had been run over. Instead, PC Short thought it was probable that as Mr Cramp began to wobble he put his right foot down to steady himself, but being on the kerb edge overbalanced and fell into the road, striking his head on the road surface. Damage to the rear of his cycle helmet supported this explanation. Coroner Mr Craze said it was all too easy in such a split second situation to genuinely mistake what one saw, as evinced by following van driver Shaun Hadaway, of King Street, Rye, testifying that he believed he’d seen the rearmost wheel of the lorry “clip” Mr Cramp as it passed. Mr Hadaway stopped at the scene after himself swerving to avoid Mr Cramp and then called the emergency services.
Sentence Nada
Comment The conflicting evidence of the stills and the following driver are thought provoking.

How easy is it for the camera to miss something,

  • the films to be doctored,
  • for no visible imappact marks on the lorry or cyclist,
  • to remove impact marks from the lorry?
  • how hard is it to die just falling off a bike?
  • Could the cyclist have been sucked by the lorry's slipstream or rattled by it's proximity and speed?

  • Mark Alan Camber aged 48 of Terrick in Buckinghamshire was a butcher at kings farm shop, ‘very quiet, private man’.
    On Monday 16 April 2012 at 11:50 PM Location: Nash Lee Road in Terrick
    Volkswagen Caddy Van driven by Christopher Dixon Gregory Grant(Passenger) aged 27 33
    Notes A third person, a 21-year-old woman, who was arrested on suspicion of obstructing the police, has been released without charge
    Sentence 27 months 21 months
    Comment "Kings Farm Shop butcher Mark Alan Camber was killed on April 16 on Nash Lee Road, when his bike collided with a Volkswagen Caddy" (from the Bucks Herald). Whatever next "Hiroshima collided with a nuclear bomb"?

    Orla Lawlor aged 27 was originally from Ireland cycling with her cycling club
    On Sunday 22 April 2012 at 10:45 AM Location: Edworth Drive in Bedfordshire
    MG Rover driven by Thomas Willis
    Notes , tumbled into the path of car after her front wheel clipped the back wheel of one of her club mates. "Was going 48-54 in 60 mile an hour limit so no issue with speed.” The successful medical negligence solicitor – daughter of all-Ireland winning senior hurler Pat Lawlor – collided with an oncoming vehicle near Langford, Beds., and was knocked to the ground.

    Zakiyuddin Mamujee aged 58 of Northwood near London was a shopkeeper from
    On Sunday 29 April 2012 aged 60
    Notes died after being knocked from his bike while delivering newspapers. The driver of the car who was in his 60s was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving.

    Phil Dawn aged 34 of Kirkby In Ashfield
    On Wednesday 2 May 2012 at 4:30 PM Location: Kingsmill Barrow level crossing
    Notes * cycled across while the gates were down and was struck by a train

    Sam Crisp aged 21
    On Thursday 3 May 2012
    Vauxhall Corsa
    Notes Head injuries

    Michael Walker aged 17 of poole was "The heart of Poole Yacht Club"
    On Friday 4 May 2012 at 1:30 PM Location: Southbound Holes Bay Road in Poole
    Ford Fiesta aged 70 of Wareham
    Notes East Dorset Coroner Sheriff Payne recorded an accidental death verdict after hearing how driver John Holmes could not have avoided the collision. Mr Holmes, 70, from Wareham was behind the wheel of his red Ford Fiesta when tragedy struck on May 4.

    He said: “There was something light in colour, full in front of me. The next thing I knew was my front wheels were going over something; then my back wheels. I didn’t have the chance to brake; when I looked back I could see a body lying in the road.”

    Michael’s mother Debbie wept as she recalled how her son’s dream had been to join the Royal Navy, adding: “One of his greatest passions was sailing. “Mikey was a lovely lad who was always smiling. His death has left a huge void in all our lives.”

    Sgt Nikki Burt told the Coroner’s Court how there had been no evidence to support the prosecution of Mr Holmes.

    Witness John Rogers, who was overtaking the Fiesta, said: “The cyclist began to veer towards the middle of the road. He left the pavement and went into the path of the Fiesta.”

    His front-seat passenger Anita Krzynowek said Michael hadn’t been wearing a cycling helmet, adding: “As I looked at him he fell over”.

    Another witness Kerry Ann Clark said Michael had “appeared to shake and wobble” before losing control of his cycle.

    No defects were found on the car but there were signs of wear on the cycle’s brakes and the saddle had been loose, the hearing was told. Mr Payne concluded: “For some reason, Michael lost control of his bike. It would appear that the fall into the road occurred at the last possible moment for Mr Holmes to react.”

    Comment Holes Bay Road appears to be a dual carriageway. Was the driver in the second lane? Was the cyclist in the second lane?

    Paul Fingleton aged 47 of Fullwood, Preston was cycling back from watching his daughter play tennis
    On Monday 14 May 2012 at 7:15 PM Location: The “notorious” Broughton roundabout in Preson
    Citroen Relay van. driven by Frank Wrathall aged 27 of Barnacre
    Notes Originally denied causing death by dangerous driving but later admitted the lesser charge of careless driving, Wrathall, 27, had been chatting to model Zara Watt for almost eight minutes with one hand on the steering wheel when he ploughed into father-of-one Paul Fingleton at a roundabout.

    The van had no hands-free phone but records revealed Wrathall had been talking to Zara, 24. An automatic number plate recognition camera also showed him on the phone, a court was told.

    Wrathall was towing his racing car at the time. As he turned into the roundabout he hit Mr Fingleton, who suffered serious head injuries and a fractured spine. He died in hospital later that day.

    CCTV showed Wrathall was “clearly unaware” of Mr Fingleton as he overtook before cutting back across him. When police arrived he told them the cyclist, who was wearing a brightly coloured top but no helmet, had run into the side of him. The judge added: “The message must go out to motorists that when you flout the law in this way you pay the ultimate price by going to prison.

    “It is difficult to understand why this accident happened except you were holding a mobile phone at the time.”

    Sentence 21 months in jail, 4 year driving ban
    Comment I have used a mobile phone in the car. Often.

    Frank Wrathall did not want to kill Paul Fingleton or anyone else. He lives in a society which allows him to do so. Every case in these pages brings up familiar aspects, this one is the sceptre of family man dies, driver gets short sentence.

    Whatever Frank Wrathall's sentence, it should be the same for any person who speaks for 8 minutes on a mobile phone and then fails to spot somethging at a roundabout, not just those "unlucky" enough to kill someone

    Paul Fingleton seems absolutely blameless here, apart from being stupid enough to ride a bike in England in 2012. His family should be compensated. Now I know they would rather have him back, but Frank Wrathall's insurers should be coughing up at least a couple of million quid here.


  • a) to compensate Paul's family for loss of earning, security and emotional distress etc etc.
  • b) To ensure insurers assess risks more precisely and charge appropriate premiums for clients who engage in risky behaviour

    Only by moving costs closer to "point of entry" do we engender a more rational transport system.

    There are a few puzzeling aspects of the semantics employed in this case:

  • The judge called Wrathall's sentence "The Ultimate Price" – I reckon dying is a tad more ultimate
  • Why was the charge of Dangerous driving changed? If Wrathall's driving was not dangerous, what the fuck is? If Wrathall has sinned greviously, it is denying the charge, not the mistake he made in a split second
  • Why was "not wearing a helmet" mentioned? Is it ever mentioned apart from in cycling cases? I have never ever heard a judge mention that a car driver/passenger or pedestrian wasn't wearing a helmet in the thousands of deaths recorded due to head injuries
  • “It is difficult to understand why this accident happened except you were holding a mobile phone at the time.” No it's not, that is the whole point

  • Daniel Hargreaves aged 41
    On Thursday 17 May 2012 at 5:20 PM Location: Stretton Way, Huyton,
    Vehicle aged 63
    Notes Can't find any verdict
    Sentence arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving

    John Knowles aged 40 of Beeston
    On Wednesday 23 May 2012 at 4:40 AM Location: Coventry Lane, outside Bramcote Crematorium
    Notes Absolutely nothing on the coroners report

    Alex Fryer aged 22
    On Sunday 27 May 2012 Location: Benfeet in Essex
    Notes was found by the roadside with head and chest injuries after cycling home

    Mark Brummell aged 53 of Ipley, New Forest was a former University lecturer and cycle campaigner. He didn't own a car
    On Monday 28 May 2012 Location: Ipley Crossroads
    Renault Scenic driven by Stephen Chard aged 59 of Highcliffe, Dorset
    Notes guilty to causing death by careless driving. Coroner Keith Wiseman recorded a verdict of accidental death at an inquest
    Sentence 1 year ban

    Lee Chapman aged 23
    On Tuesday 29 May 2012 at 10:30 AM Location: close to the HGV testing station junction with Ivyhouse Lane and Haywood Way
    Dustbin Lorry
    Notes Very little web information on this

    Peter James aged 78 of Nailsea
    On Wednesday 30 May 2012 at 1:05 PM Location: mini roundabout from Stockway North towards Silver Street, Nailsea
    Ford Focus was treated at the scene for shock
    Notes Very little web information on this

    Amber Cameron aged 8 was Just playing near her home.
    On Tuesday 5 June 2012 at 10:55 AM Location: Barclay Avenue in Elderslie, Renfrewshire
    Notes Elderslie in Scotland. She had been off school during the bank holiday and sadly died at the scene. Local residents said they had repeatedly warned about the need for traffic calming measures on the street
    Sentence No news of any arrest or prosecution

    Trelawney Burgoyne aged 39 was An IT consultant from Paper Mill Yard
    On Tuesday 5 June 2012 at 9:45 PM Location: B1150 at Beeston St Andrew
    Black Vauxhall Vectra and Black Saab driven by David Johnson, Bernard Lake
    Notes "did not have lights on his cycle and was not wearing a helmet or high visibility clothing. He was also the equivalent of three times over the drink drive limit" “I came round the corner and saw him sitting on his bike on my side of the road, facing the hedge,” he said. “As soon as I saw him I slammed my brakes on, but I wasn’t very far from him. I collided with him. There was no way I could have stopped in time. I am so sorry.” Minutes later Bernard Lake drove along the same stretch of road. “I saw hazard lights on a car in front and I felt a thump, and I stopped my car,” he said. “David ran up to my car and said ‘can you call an ambulance, I have hit a cyclist’ and then I realised I had hit him [Mr Burgoyne], too.” Andy Anderson, 75, lives in one of the cottages near to where the accident happened. He said he had been campaigning for years for speed restrictions on the road, which had witnessed dozens of accidents in the time he had been living there.

    Lewis Monks aged 19 was a talented BMX rider
    On Friday 8 June 2012 at 2:45 PM Location: Newstead Road near the Boot Hill junction
    Notes A COLLISION which killed a Weymouth teen was a sad accident, a coroner has ruled. The inquest in to the death of 19-year-old Lewis Monks, who died in a collision with a bus on Friday June 8 last year, found there was nothing the bus driver could have done to prevent it. Witness statements and a 54-page police report said Lewis, who was on his BMX bike, fell off the edge of the pavement along Newstead Road near Asda and into the path of the bus. The 19-year-old sustained serious head injuries and his death was almost instantaneous, the inquest at County Hall, Dorchester was told. The court heard evidence from Lewis’s friends who had been with him at the time of the accident. They said that Lewis had been drinking and had fallen from his bicycle and cut his face prior to the fatal incident. Alan and Carl, who were both due to work that afternoon and were concerned for Lewis’s safety, were attempting to take him to his father’s house A statement read out from the driver of the First single-decker bus said the accident had ruined his life but that he did not believe he could have done anything to stop it. Muriel Walton, a passenger, said: “The driver was driving normally and did not do anything he shouldn’t have. It wasn’t his fault and I don’t attach any blame to him whatsoever.” Tests on tyre marks left on the road showed the bus had been travelling between 19 and 22mph on the 30mph stretch.

    Georgia Ellen Flynn aged 18 of Flixton was going to work at Nandos
    On Saturday 9 June 2012 at 5:00 PM Location: access road on the outer ring road of the west side of the Trafford Centre complex
    Notes It is understood Georgia was taking a short cut to work at Nando's when she was involved in a collision with a delivery truck. Police have spoken to the driver of the truck and it is understood officers are treating the incident as a 'tragic accident'. The collision happened on an access road on the outer ring road of the west side of the Trafford Centre complex, which links the car parks. It is understood to be on a road close to the Coach House Brewer's Fayre and Premier Inn hotel, which are separated from the main buildings of the Trafford Centre.

    Ian McNaughton aged 72 of Argyl
    On Monday 11 June 2012 Location: A38 at Buckover
    Notes He died in hospital 11 days later. it is not known what other vehicles may have been involved

    Maris Erenpreiss aged 21 was a Latvian man
    On Wednesday 20 June 2012 Location: Old Hill in Tettenhall in the West Midlands.
    Notes No reporty found. Died when he clipped a kerb and was thrown from his bike. The builder who tried to save Mr Erenpreiss’s life called for traffic calming measures on the “horrendous” stretch of road at

    Dean Biddiscombe aged 27 of Bridgewater was employed at Advertising for BBC
    On Monday 25 June 2012 Location: Bath Road in Bridgwater in Somerset as the lorry driver turned left into the Morrison’s distribution centre
    Lorry delivering to Morrisons aged 30 was Unhurt
    Notes Can't find verdict

    Redwan Uddin aged 9
    On Tuesday 26 June 2012 Location: Woodhouse Grove, East Ham
    Silver Mazda (Stolen) driven by Ibrahim Waseem aged 21 of Plashet Grove, A Marks & Spencer worker
    Notes Apparently Redwan was sitting on the handlebars. The perp handed himself in. The court heard how Mr Waseem, who was driving without insurance, ploughed into Redwan at 39mph in a 20mph zone, NBhad his sentence cut to 12 months by appeal judges. It means he could be released after serving six months following his conviction for causing death by careless driving. NB Perp convicted of driving without insurance in 2008 Lady Justice Rafferty concluded: “We are confident that 21 months was manifestly excessive.”
    Sentence 21 months, reduced to 12 on appeal

    Tom Ridgway aged 20 of Hall Green, Birmingham was a student of animation at Bournemouth University
    On Wednesday 27 June 2012 Location: Streetsbrook Road in Solihull
    Toyota Previa driven by Ichhapal Bhamra aged 54 of Oak Hill Crescent, Acocks Green
    Notes drove 90 yards with the cyclist still on the bonnet then smashed into several road signs before hitting a tree Bhamra was only charged with driving without due care and attention after the Crown Prosecution Service was unable to determine the cause of the crash and whether that, or the 90m bonnet journey, had caused the death.
    Sentence £35, costs and 3 penalty points

    Garry Michael Newsam aged 51
    On Thursday 28 June 2012 at 5:40 PM Location: A30 Babylon Hill, Sherborne, travelling west near the Noor Farm entrance
    Blue Toyota driven by Bradley Michael Hill aged 24 of St Michael's Avenue
    Notes No verdict foundThe weather had been dry and breezy. Magistrates were told that it was alleged that Hill's car collided with the rear of the black bicycle, sending the cyclist on to the grass verge. Hill had contacted emergency services. He had stopped his car and attempted to assist the injured cyclist. The bench heard that it was alleged the collision was a result of "a momentary lapse of concentration". Magistrates were told that another car driver had passed the cyclist shortly before – overtaking him in the other lane – and had formed the opinion that though the cycle was not weaving about in the road, its rider was not safe. The court was told that there were no aggravating factors to the incident. Read more:

    Harrison Carlin aged 15 of Hucknall
    On Sunday 1 July 2012 at 2:20 PM Location: Forest Lane, Papplewick, cycling along the lane towards the A60 Mansfield Road Read more:
    Mitsubishi Lancer driven by Daniel Kirk was Driver and a number of passengers Unhurt
    Notes The driver following Mr Kirk, Harbinder Singh Johal, told the inquest he had been doing around the same speed. He said he had seen Harrison on his bike and slowed down, adding he believed Mr Kirk hadn’t seen him. The driver told the inquest he was travelling between 40mph and 50mph but forensic experts suggested this could have actually have been between 60-80mph. A police officer from the East Midlands Serious Collison Investigation Unit said it was likely Harrison had misjudged the speed Mr Kirk’s car had been travelling at. No charges were brought against the driver at the time of the incident but following the inquest, the coroner said the Crown Prosecution Service would be sent a recording to re-examine the findings.

    Paul “Frankie” John Dyas aged 40 of Halebank was A labourer by trade but was unemployed at the time of the collisioin
    On Wednesday 4 July 2012 at 12:35 PM Location: Travelodge, Fiddlers Ferry
    Notes Can't find verdict

    Tarsem Dari aged 60 of London
    On Thursday 5 July 2012 Location: Southall Broadway
    Tipper Lorry aged 34
    Notes driver was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

    Alexander Ward aged 23 of Cambridge was straight As at A level and read Avionics Systems Engineering at Bristol University; achieving a first class honours in his Master’s degree. In 2011 he won the British Gliding Association Spitfire Trophy for coming top of the under 25’s national gliding ladder.” His skills and passion led him to GE Aviation at Bishop’s Cleeve near Cheltenham where he has been working for almost a year since he graduatedri
    On Sunday 8 July 2012 Location: B4077 near Ford in Gloucestershire
    Horsebox Lorry aged 58 was Unhurt
    Notes No news of any arrest or prosecution
    Sentence No news of any arrest or prosecution

    Neil Turner aged 31 of Croydon in south London
    On Tuesday 10 July 2012
    Notes Can't find verdict

    Denisa Perinova aged 21
    On Sunday 15 July 2012 Location: B480 in Stonor near Henley A14
    Mini driven by Helen Measures
    Notes "I can't help it if a cyclist, with all due respect, falls over as I'm approaching them and comes into my line of travel. Intrestinly initial reports said Denisa was on her forst cycle ride. According to her parents she was an expert, as well as having a full driving liscence. She was on her side of the road, the driver wasn't
    Sentence The driver was discharged

    Jason Sandford aged 33 of Newquay was A Bricklayer with addiction issues
    On Monday 16 July 2012 at 6:30 PM Location: St Mary's Road, Newquay
    Notes It appears that in this case the cyclist was bang to rights, under the influence on a bike with no brakes going down a 1 in 5 narrow alley. Thank goodness he wasn't driving a car

    Alexander Martin aged 83
    On Tuesday 17 July 2012 at 10:20 AM Location: Pennytoft Lane
    Notes Can't find verdict

    Arthur Bough aged 78
    On Thursday 19 July 2012 at 9:18 AM Location: A451 near Kidderminster junction of the Stourport Road and Sutton Park Road
    Lorry of was Not Injured
    Notes Can't find verdict

    Adam Cumbor aged 20 of Great Ayton
    On Wednesday 25 July 2012 Location: Near Kildale in North Yorkshire
    Vehicle driven by no known
    Notes ” Mr Cumbor was a very experienced cyclist, it was a sophisticated bike, he knew the area in question well. It can only be conjecture as to why he collided with the building.”
    Sentence Accinental death

    Kadian Harding aged 14 of Steep, Hampshire
    On Wednesday 25 July 2012 Location: in a crash with the driver of a van on the A4 near Malborough.
    Mercedes Van
    Notes Wierd one this, in that the lad apparently lost control of his bike and could not applky the brakes, approaching a busy jucntion after his family had lost their way. The bike had been in a bike shop a couple of hours earlier for a check. Many questions.

    Paul Lake aged 27 was employed at Wolverhampton Homes, and previously Wolverhampton City Council, for more than 20 years
    On Sunday 29 July 2012 at 5:40 PM Location: Stallings Lane close to its junction with Tansey Green Road. Kingswinford in the West Midlands
    Notes Another difficult one to find out about. Found dead with serious injuries on a grass verge by the roadside

    Kyle Coen aged 14
    On Monday 30 July 2012 Location: A2 London Road near Sittingbourne, near Bapchild Cricket Club
    Grey Fiat Bravo driven by Robert Lawrence of Barrow Green, Teynham
    Notes He pleaded guilty to failing to stop after an accident and perverting the course of justice earlier. Kyle was cycling to meet his girlfriend in Faversham when he was struck by a car. The teenager was treated by paramedics but died at the scene. Det Sgt Paul Fewtrell, of Kent Police, said: "Offences of failure to stop following a collision are serious, but leaving the scene where a teenager sustained injuries that resulted in his death was shocking to all involved in this investigation. "This was compounded by the phone call to police by Lawrence reporting his vehicle had been stolen. The damage to his vehicle would clearly have shown to him the extent of the injury caused, yet he tried to deflect the blame at the earliest opportunity."
    Sentence 6 months jail and a one year driving ban

    Raj Soni aged 18
    On Monday 30 July 2012
    Notes died three days after losing control of his bike and colliding with a wall

    Dan Harris aged 28
    On Thursday 2 August 2012
    Notes Bus carrying foreign journalists from the Olympic Park. The driver of the bus was arrested.

    Scott Crawford aged 50
    On Friday 3 August 2012
    Notes after crashing his bike in a narrow country lane. The cause is unclear.

    Graham Epps aged 29 of Wincheap, Canterbury
    On Friday 3 August 2012 at 7:30 PM Location: A2, Coastbound, Broughtgon
    silver Vauxhall Meriva driven by Unnamed aged 50 of Whitstable
    Notes No charge Hypoglaecemic attack

    Mark Sanderson aged 53 of Edinburgh
    On Monday 6 August 2012 at 4:20 PM Location: A703 just north of Peebles
    Fiat Panda
    Notes A spokesman for the force said Mr Sanderson appeared to have lost control of the bicycle, veered into the wrong lane and collided with a Fiat Panda. The force said its inquiries were continuing and appealed for any witnesses to come forward.

    Andrew Leonard Chick aged 40 of Newport was Quiet but had had a "turbulent earl life"
    On Wednesday 8 August 2012 at 7:45 AM Location: Southern Distributor Road bridge in Newport, South Wales
    Black Volkswagen Bora driven by David Johnston aged 61 of Feering Street, Newport was Minor Injuries
    Notes Very little web information on this
    Sentence Arrested, No news of any prosecution

    Anthony Phillips aged 18 of Bromsgrove
    On Friday 10 August 2012 at 3:25 PM Location: A38, outside the Chateau Impney Hotel
    Kia Picanto driven by Woman in her 50s of Tenbury Wells
    Notes Can't find verdictmounted the pavement in her Kia Picanto and collided with his BMX bike. He died the next day

    David Lingwood aged 52 of Caergwrle was principal optical designer with Qioptic
    On Saturday 11 August 2012
    Notes statements from Adrian Hooson and Jake Adamson, two 16-year-old pupils at Darland School, Rossett, who were going up Griffin Hill when they saw Mr Lingwood riding down “He appeared to be out of control and I thought to myself ‘He’s going to crash’,” said Jake.

    Stephen Van Hinsbergh aged 57 of Ramsgate
    On Monday 13 August 2012 at 11:50 AM Location: London-bound carriageway A299 near Herne Bay opposite the former Roman Galley pub
    Lorry driven by Brian Walden aged 40 of Newbridge Avenue, Sittingbourne
    Notes "You said you had pulled out to go around the cyclist, but the evidence before me from three eyewitnesses was that you did not pull out and your vehicle was weaving."
    Sentence A year in jail and a 3 year driving ban

    Len Grayson aged 75 of Garforth was A member of Huddersfield Road Club
    On Saturday 18 August 2012 at 5:00 PM Location: Road race on the A19northbound at about 5pm on Saturday
    Alfa Romeo driven by Peter Barraclough aged 29 of East Cowton near Northallerton was Taken to hospital
    Notes Mr Grayson died instantly after Barraclough drove into the back of him, throwing him over the car roof. Barraclough pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving at Teeside Crown Court. The court heard that Barraclough, initially thought he had hit a bird before he stopped, looked in his mirror and realised he had struck Mr Grayson. Peter Makepeace, prosecuting, described the incident last August as "an extremely tragic road traffic accident".
    Sentence five-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, 250 hours of unpaid work. Banned for 18 months.

    Natasha Chhina-Beverley aged 21 of Howdon
    On Wednesday 22 August 2012 Location: Ropery Lane, Wallsend
    Notes It is thought Natasha had been riding her bike eastwards on the pavement of Church Bank, near the junction with Ropery Lane, when she was hit at around 3.45pm on Police believe she came off the pavement and fell into the road, just as the bus was passing. Natasha, who lived in North Tyneside, was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary but died overnight. One man, who lives nearby but did not want to be named, said passengers told him the bus continued with its journey until its next stop, outside Rosehill Social Club. He said: “A passenger said it had gone past her and the draft had dragged her. From what we were told the bus didn’t stop until it got to the top of the bank. I don’t think the passengers even realised what was happening.

    James 'Jimmy' Cresswell aged 19 was died the next morning in hospital
    On Friday 24 August 2012 Location: Wolverhampton
    Single decker bus of was Not arrested
    Notes Damned if I can find out anything about this

    Matthew Hamilton aged 15 was died later in hospital. Police are appealing for witnesses.
    On Sunday 2 September 2012
    Notes "Crashed into the back of a car"

    Robert Tyler aged 62 of Bishopsfield
    On Monday 3 September 2012 at 7:00 PM Location: junction of Elizabeth Way and Parndon Mill road
    Blue Vauxhall Corsa driven by Woman aged 31 of Harlow
    Notes A CYCLIST killed in a road collision in Harlow could still be alive if the ambulance service had responded sooner to the emergency call, witnesses have claimed. Residents living in Herons Wood said it took more than half-an-hour for an ambulance to arrive at the scene of the crash in Elizabeth Way last Monday - despite the fact Princess Alexandra Hospital is less than a mile away.East of England ambulance They said the cyclist, who police named this week as 62-year-old Bishopsfield resident Rob Tyler, was still breathing for about 20 minutes after he was in collision with a car near the junction with Parndon Mill Lane Read more:

    Robert Cherry aged 79 of Walton, Surrey was keen gardener and steam train lover who cycled everywhere.. he was gGoing to get a newspaper died of head injuries later in hospital.
    On Wednesday 5 September 2012 at 7:37 AM Location: Rydens Road, between Devoke Way, about to turn into Ambleside Avenue and Meadowside
    Skip lorry driven by Mark Hale
    Notes three occasions when her father had come off his bike after colliding with cars, once at the same junction in Rydens Road.

    the inquest, held on Tuesday April 16 at Woking Coroner's Court.

    The court heard how PC Joanne Robins attended the scene at 8.18am. She said there was good visibility at the time of the accident. She said Mr Cherry was not wearing a bicycle helmet.

    PC Robins said initial damage to the bicycle was a scuff mark on the right handlebar which was at the "right height" to have been caused by contact with the front nearside wheel arch of the skip lorry.

    PC Robins said: "That has had an effect on Mr Cherry's cycling and has twisted the handlebars round by 180 degrees causing Mr Cherry to lose control of the pedal cycle.

    "Both he and the cycle have then collided with the rear nearside wheel arch of the skip lorry causing the further damage to the rear wheel arch, to the plastic around the wheels, and the metal bar that connects to the chassis."

    But PC Robbins added there was no evidence that Mr Cherry's injuries had been caused by collision with the lorry or from the road.

    Mark Hale, the driver of the skip lorry, said he regularly drove the HGV along the 30mph road. He said it was difficult to say whether Mr Cherry clipped the lorry or that the HGV clipped his bicycle.

    Mr Hale said he saw no hand signal or any indication that Mr Cherry was about to make a right turn into Ambleside Avenue.

    He said: "There was no signal given to me whether he was going right or left or what he was doing. I assumed he was going to go straight on down the road to Walton-on-Thames.

    "I had to compensate and as I went to pass the cyclist he started to come out further away from the kerb. I had to make a split second decision. I didn't have time to stop the lorry. I was doing about 25-28 mph when I actually passed the cyclist and had to make a decision to try and pass him. 

    "He was coming away from the kerb and as I passed the cyclist my nearside rear wheel was just away from the middle line. He just kept coming."

    Mr Hale said he did not feel a collision taking place but stopped his lorry by Walton Park and ran back to the scene.

    Mr Cherry had suffered a fractured skull and brain haemorrhage and was taken to St George's Hospital in Tooting, where he died at 1pm the same day.

    Mrs Hope said aside from a bad knee her father was a healthy man whose bicycle was his main mode of transport and he would rarely use his car. He would ride some 300 miles every week in all weathers.

    She said he didn't wear a helmet because he felt it "a hindrance" and that motorists would be more cautious around a cyclist not wearing one.

    Mrs Hope added: "He was just a lovely guy. He was just going about his business.

    "He was always helpful. We were amazed at how many people came to his funeral. Nobody had a  bad word to say against him. He looked after my kids very well and spoiled my mum." 

    Coroner Richard Travers recorded a verdict of accidental death. An examination of the tachograph in the lorry showed that Mr Hale had not exceeded the speed limit along Rydens Road. Coroner Michael Burgess said Mr Cherry’s death was due to a traumatic intracranial haemorrhage due to a fractured skull and ruled his death an accident. Laura Woods, from Brake, the road safety charity, said: “Cycle helmets are essential safety gear for all cyclists, and can significantly reduce risk of a serious head injury.

    Benjamin Hydes aged 21 of Burghwallis was left this message "In loving memory of Benjamin Hydes Died 6th September 2012 We can't believe a year has passed. We love and miss you and Joshua, every minute of the day. We think of the day we will all be together again, Until then, memories of you, are safe in our hearts. Mum, Craig, Nanna, Grandad, Andrena & family, Uncle Nev, Shelly & family & all your dudes x x x "
    On Wednesday 5 September 2012 Location: Skellow Road away from the A1 when it collided with Ben as he exited Mill Lane
    Ford Transit van driven by Gareth Hicks aged 31 of Carcroft
    Notes Can't find verdict. Letter for mother. Cycled over there on 25/2/14, dropped letter off with a neighbour who was just about to say happy birthday to her mam, then went to look at the site. Terrible road, terrible layout, terrible drivers.

    Gordon Butler aged 76 was A member of Hereford Wheelers cycling club
    On Wednesday 5 September 2012 Location: B4350 in Powys
    Notes Found by the side of the after a report of a man coming off his bike

    Samuel Joe Brown aged 15
    On Thursday 6 September 2012 at 8:50 PM Location: near Rose & Crown B1230 Hull Road at Eastrington, near Goole, cycling towards Gilberdyke
    Audi car driven by Heather Butler aged 67 of Knedlington
    Notes Sam Brown was riding with another boy who was left with broken bones and bruising. Heather Butler, 67, was more than twice over the drink-drive limit when she hit

    She sped off with his bicycle caught in the front grille of her car, stopping later to hurl it away. Sam died from head injuries in hospital that night.

    Shortly after the collision late last year Butler arrived for her shift at a care home in Gilberdyke, East Yorkshire, staggering and slurring her speech. Asked if she was okay, she said “No, I think I hit a cyclist.”

    Prosecutor Mark Kendall told Hull Crown Court that a fellow driver followed her because she was driving erratically, only to suddenly see “a cloud of dust and the Audi jerk about”. Moments later he saw Butler stop her car to remove the bike from her grille.

    Butler, of nearby Knedlington, pleaded guilty to causing death by careless driving while over the alcohol limit, failing to stop and failing to report the accident.

    Sentence 5 years 4 months, 5 year ban

    Peter Reekie aged 37 was riding home from his job as security guard at Home and Bargain on Breck Road. He had been a Liverpool football steward for 12 years
    On Thursday 6 September 2012 at 6:30 PM Location: Walton Lane
    Yamaha Motorbike driven by Patrick Bennett aged 22 of Swindon Street, Walton was Serious
    Notes The motorbike rider whose condition was initially described as “serious” was arrested. Patrick Bennett, 22, of Swindon Street, Walton, was charged with causing death by dangerous driving, aggravated unauthorised taking of a motor vehicle, failure to provide a blood sample, disqualified driving and driving with no insurance.

    Drove his scrambler bike into oncoming traffic on Walton Lane, Liverpool Crown Court heard. The court was shown video footage of Bennett driving the bike at between 40 and 48mph on the pavement before swerving into the road to avoid a parked van

    Sentence 7 years

    Jeffrey Townley aged 12
    On Sunday 9 September 2012 Location: Hucknall
    Peugot Van
    Notes Second pupil from the National School in Hucknall to be killed on his bike in three months.

    Andrew Watson aged 40 of Branton near Doncaster
    On Monday 10 September 2012 at 7:35 PM Location: Near Doncaster
    Black Range Rover driven by Adam Coggon aged 21 of Epworth was Uninjured
    Notes Adam Coggon, the driver of the Range Rover involved in the incident, told coroner Andrew Pascoe at Scunthorpe’s Civic Centre: "The cyclist was still on the left-hand side of the road as I went to overtake. “As I started coming past, I could see him in the corner of my eye coming to the front of the car. "I tried moving over to the other side of the road, but I could not go any further." Of course
    Sentence 0

    Timothy Osborn aged 27 of Pode Hole, Spalding
    On Friday 14 September 2012 at 9:15 PM Location: A151 Bourne Road
    Silver Renault Traffic driven by Paul Walken aged 41 of Chapel Lane, Folkingham
    Notes Tim was knocked unconscious immediately and died very soon after. When my sister discovered him he was already dead. The reason that they were able to find out so much information was all down to a forensic investigation that kept the A151 Bourne Road closed until the following afternoon. There was debris from the van that allowed them to identify its make and colour. I would imagine they were able to determine where he was on the road through this investigation as well, although I'm not sure if that information is official or just conjecture.
    Sentence Pendin ((March 2014)

    Graham Hughes aged 56 of Strood was A warehouse operator
    On Saturday 15 September 2012 Location: A228 Snodland bypass
    Lorry (Parked)
    Notes died when he crashed into the back of a parked lorry, an inquest heard. Witness Camille Thomas said: “He was riding like he would have been in a race – close to the handlebars and his head was down. He was travelling fast. He did not look up or around him. “When he got a few metres from the truck I realised he was not going to stop or cycle round.”

    Anthony Hilson aged 46 of Reading
    On Sunday 16 September 2012 Location: A4 Bath Road at Twyford
    Honda Accord driven by Victoria McClure aged 37
    Notes Prosecutors claimed she may have been distracted by using a satellite navigation system.
    Sentence 18 months in jail and a 30 month driving ban

    Andrew Dixon aged 46 was
    On Sunday 16 September 2012 Location: roundabout in Chertse
    black Toyota Aygo
    Notes died three days after suffering serious head injuries

    John Barr aged 64
    On Thursday 27 September 2012 Location: B709 between Traquair and Innerleithen
    Honda civic
    Notes Taken to hospital with serious leg head and pelvic injuries. Died two weeks later.

    Thomas Anderson aged 48 of Torpichen was captain of Falkirk Bicycle Club, where he has been a member for more than 10 years and met his wife,
    On Saturday 29 September 2012 at 6:45 PM Location: a country road between Rotmell and Dunkeld, Perthshire,
    Notes No inquest report discovered yet

    Keegan Crawford aged 17 of Harraton, in Washington
    On Saturday 29 September 2012 at 12:40 PM Location: junction in Penshaw in Sunderland
    Ford Fiesta was Unhurt
    Notes The hearing at Newcastle Civic Centre was told a Vauxhall Vectra had broken down in the westbound carriageway and there were tailbacks.

    Keegan, who was riding a BMX, cut through the queuing traffic, near to the junction with Rose Street East, and crossed the road before being hit by a Ford Fiesta.

    Giving evidence at the inquest, PC Gary Luther said: “It was unlikely that the driver of the Ford would have seen Keegan and it is unlikely Keegan would have had any view the of the other side of the road.

    “The restricted view would have been made worse because of the style of the bike Keegan was riding.”

    Keegan was an experienced cyclist.“He loved everything about bikes and he would always be stripping them down and adding things to them. It was the only form of exercise he could do. He died doing something he loved.

    Recording an accidental verdict, coroner Karen Dilks said: “I was a very experienced cyclist and was very familiar with that area. However, on that day a vehicle had broken down, causing traffic to build up. This impacted on the visibility of road users.

    “Witnesses said that Keegan rode into the carriageway into the path of the Ford travelling the other way.”

    A post mortem examination said Keegan died of brain swelling which was the result of a fractured skull.

    Paul Kemsley aged 54
    On Friday 5 October 2012 Location: Eastbound A30 between Hayle and Tolvaddon
    Daihatsu van driven by Mark Entwhistle aged 35
    Notes The court heard that Mr Kemsley had been wearing a yellow jacket with reflective strips and riding inside the carriageway’s white line. Witnesses saw the van veer to the left of the rumble strip until it was on the gravel, heading towards the cyclist. The van had been travelling at between 47mph and 57mph when it struck the bicycle. It was in such a position that it would have been able to pass the cyclist without changing lanes. Entwistle told police he saw the cyclist and planned to overtake but could not explain why he failed to act. There was no evidence of speeding, mobile phone use, or other distractions. Judge Harvey Clack said ‘this was not a momentary loss of attention, you had the time to take sensible precautions to prevent this ghastly tragedy. This was a grievous misjudgement.’
    Sentence 8-month prison sentence suspended for 2 years, was banned from driving for 2 years, ordered to undertake 250 hours unpaid work and ordered to take an extended driving test.

    Julian ‘Jules’ Evans aged 51 of Risby
    On Sunday 7 October 2012 Location: Newmarket Road in Risby in Suffolk
    Red Nissan Micra driven by Deborah Lumley-Holmes aged 53 of Cannon Street, Bury St Edmunds
    Notes The murderer was a real saint....
    Sentence six month prison sentence suspended for 12 months and banned from driving for 12 months. She was also ordered to do 200 hours unpaid work in the community and to attend a women’s emotional wellbeing course
    Comment If a defendendent is genuinely repentent, why do they employ lawyers to attempt to reduce their responsibility?

    Ken Wise aged 58 of Darlington
    On Friday 12 October 2012 Location: Junction of McMullen Road and the B6279, Darlington
    Kia Picanto driven by Woman aged 23
    Notes He worked at the Cleveland Bridge engineering firm, in Yarm Road, for 17 years and used to cycle there every day, wearing a high-visibility vest and a helmet. He was on his way home to spend an afternoon with his grandchildren, Elliot, five, and Bronwyn, two, when he was in collision with the car at about 1pm last Friday.

    Hilary Lee aged 66 of Whetstone was pronounced dead at the scene.The driver of the lorry was arrested on suspicioun of causing death by dangerous driving.
    On Tuesday 16 October 2012 at 3:00 PM Location: outside St John the Baptist church at the junction with Wood Street in High Barnet
    Skip lorry
    Notes No inquest report discovered yet

    Jay O’Malley aged 33 of Selley Oak
    On Tuesday 16 October 2012 at 5:55 AM Location: Turning right from Bristol Road onto Belgrave Middleway towards Digbeth
    Silver Rover 75
    Notes No inquest report discovered yet. . He died in hospital the next day. Police are appealing for witnesses.

    John Searle aged 59 of Craven Arms was A Classroom Assistant Onny Primary School in nearby Onibury
    On Wednesday 17 October 2012 Location: B4368 Corvedale Road about a mile east of Craven Arms
    Several vehicles
    Notes Nothing on verdict. Another person who is thought to have been trying to help him was seriously injured. Police are investigating.

    Brent Jelley aged 23 of Sible Hedingham was A "Popular roofer"
    On Sunday 21 October 2012 at 9:00 PM Location: Vincent Road, Leagrave
    Ford Fiesta driven by Joshua Rumble aged 20 of Halstead
    Notes 40 mph in a 30 mph zone
    Sentence No Action. "told he must live with the consequences of his actions for the rest of his life"

    Stan Coates aged 55 of Sunderland
    On Friday 26 October 2012 Location: Burdon Lane in Sunderland
    Vauhall Corsa and Vauxhall Corsa
    Notes * while out cycling in . He was involved in an initial collision and was exchanging details with the driver of a Vauxhall Corsa when he was struck by another car also a Vauxhall Corsa in a collision that killed him.

    Sofoklis Kostoulas aged 31
    On Monday 29 October 2012 Location: Bethnal Green in East London.
    Notes more than a week after being hit by a lorry

    Sam Sloan aged 75 of Portadown
    On Thursday 1 November 2012 Location: Mahon Road in Portadown in Northern Ireland. The woman driving the car was treated for shock at the scene.
    Red Vauxhall Corsa and a green Land Rover Discovery.
    Notes * Little information

    Adam Bennett aged 41
    On Friday 2 November 2012
    Notes Hit-and-run crash

    Robert "Bob" Chaplin aged 56 of Cheltenham
    On Friday 2 November 2012 at 4:00 PM Location: junction of Lansdown Road and Montpellier Walk
    Tipper trick of was Uninjured
    Notes Nothing on verdict. He died two days later in hospital

    Paul Roger Welch aged 67 of Barleyfields was a former British Telecom engineer
    On Sunday 4 November 2012 at 11:35 AM Location: Junction of Foxhall Road and Broadway in Didcot
    Renault Megane driven by Sophie Hickman aged 24 of Fane Drive, Berinsfield was Unhurt
    Notes Paul was an experienced cyclist. Hickman admitted charges of causing death by careless driving and causing death by driving while uninsured, at Oxford Crown Court In his sentencing remarks, Judge Pringle said if it wasn’t for Hickman having a two-year-old daughter she would have been sent to prison. For causing death while uninsured, Hickman also received a conditional discharge; the condition being to take part in restorative justice meeting if the victim’s family want to.
    Sentence six-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, a six-month supervision order and 150-hours of unpaid work. She was disqualified from driving for two years and will have to pay an £80 victim surcharge.

    John Wilson “Jack” Winter aged 94 of Crowle in South Yorkshire
    On Tuesday 6 November 2012 Location: being driven by a 29-year-old man. He died in hospital two days later.
    Notes Electronically assisted pedal cycle

    John Philips aged 50 of Delabole was A former manager of a Cornwall Care home at Wadebridge but recently took over a countywide role.
    On Sunday 11 November 2012 at AM Location: Between St Mabyn and Longstone near Bodmin in Cornwall
    Land Rover towing a trailer driven by Stephen Hyde of St Mabyn
    Notes A police investigation found that Mr Hyde was in the correct position on the road and driving at the legal speed of 28mph when Mr Phillips collided with the vehicle. The potential impact of adverse weather conditions was also ruled out as visibility was good and no road defects were found. Mr Phillips' bicycle was also in good condition with no malfunctions. Police collision investigator MPC Mike Lackey told the inquest that in critical moments cyclists and motorbike riders "often focus on potential hazards so intensely that they fail to take the necessary action and therefore hit the object directly". Mr Lackey said Mr Phillips "failed to maintain the position on his side of the road" and believes a lack of riding experience may have contributed to his death. Mr Lackey said Mr Phillips could easily have taken the bend without going onto the wrong side of the road. He said that there was no explanation for Mr Phillips' decision. Deputy Coroner for Cornwall, Barrie Van den Berg, concluded that this was "no silly risk" but simply a decision by Mr Phillips "that cannot be explained". He recorded a verdict of death by road traffic collision. Read more: Follow us: @thisiscornwall on Twitter | thisiscornwall on Facebook

    Matt Collings aged 36 was employed at at the Eden Project for ten years
    On Saturday 17 November 2012 at 6:55 AM Location: Menear Road near St Austell in Cornwall, boscoppa road?
    Car driven by Nicola Glass
    Notes Taile ended. Judge said "Recording the cause of death as a road traffic collision, Mr Van Den Berg said the collision was "probably completely unavoidable in the circumstances". So what if it had been a pedestrian?

    Brian Florey aged 35 of Canning Town was A mobile repair mechanic for company Babcock
    On Monday 19 November 2012 Location: Ripple Road (A13 westbound)
    Lorry driven by Male aged 57
    Notes A police spokesperson said: “The investigation into this incident is now complete. After viewing the CCTV from the lorry and the street view CCTV the lorry driver was found not to be at fault. “No charges have been brought and no further action will be taken against the driver.”
    Sentence was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.

    Michael Robertson aged 40 of Aberdeen was employed in the IT industry, where he was highly valued by his colleagues, and was a lifelong Aberdeen Football Club fan. He was also an avid sportsman
    On Tuesday 20 November 2012 at 6:15 PM Location: Anderson Drive at the roundabout junction with Kings Gate
    Notes No inquest report discovered yet

    Joseph Smith aged 47
    On Tuesday 20 November 2012 Location: A52 Nottingham Road near Grantham
    Notes Police are appealing for information.

    Margaret Ward aged 77
    On Saturday 24 November 2012 Location: Wilsmlow
    Porsche Boxter driven by Woman aged 50 was Unhurt
    Notes Apparently Margaret was in a cycle lane in broad daylight and was knocked over by the woman cutting into a prorche dealership
    Sentence No Arrests

    Donal Lucey aged 48 of Cloonkeen Co Kerry
    On Sunday 25 November 2012 Location: Lisburn , Old Ballynahinch Road
    Notes No inquest report discovered yet

    Male aged 22
    On Tuesday 27 November 2012 at 8:30 AM Location: New Swan Lane junction with Bilhay Lane, West Bromwich
    Taxi driven by Crystal Cars
    Notes I can't even find this guy's name

    Trevor Lever aged 70
    On Friday 30 November 2012 Location: A58 Goldley Lane in Halifax
    Notes Apparently losing control of his bike and sustaining serious head injuries

    Luca Gril aged 23 of Bognor
    On Friday 30 November 2012 at 3:20 PM Location: A29 Shripney Road, Bognor, at the the junction with the A259 Chichester Road
    VW Passat aged 41 was Unhurt
    Notes No notes

    Ivor Howard aged 87 of Shurdington, Cheltenham
    On Tuesday 4 December 2012 Location: pedestrian crossing outside the Cotswold Van Centre, Shurdington Road in Cheltenham
    Red Mini driven by Karen Sykes of teacher at Pittville School
    Notes A verdict of accidental death was delivered after an investigation into a collision between a red mini and 87-year-old grandfather Ivor Howard on December 4, a sunny winters day. The Gloucester driver, Karen Sykes – mother to The Wanted pop star Nathan, was absolved of all blame by police. Mr Howard, who was not wearing a helmet, had been tending to his allotment behind the Cheese Rollers pub, and was cycling home to Shurdington. Police said there was no evidence to suggest Ms Sykes was driving in 'anything other than a normal manner'. Although the road traffic lights were on green, he crossed at the pedestrian crossing outside the Cotswold Van Centre, first pushing his bike, then climbing onto the saddle halfway across the road. It was then he was hit by Ms Sykes, who was driving home to Gloucester from work as a teacher at Pittville School. Read more:

    Dave Parris aged 48 was employed at Bullington Prison
    On Tuesday 4 December 2012 at 6:00 PM Location: A4421 Neunkirchen Way, near Langford, Bicester
    Ford Escort driven by Daniel Fallaw of Peregrine Way, Bicester
    Notes Can't find verdict

    Javed "Jay" Sumbal aged 34 was an arts graduate studying for an MBA. City sandwich courier, Darwin’s Deli, in Barnardo Street, Shadwell from Lahore
    On Thursday 6 December 2012 at 8:20 AM Location: Arbour Square junction in Commercial Road
    Lorry driven by Dutch Driver
    Notes A cyclist was dragged 62 feet under the wheels of a truck as he was crushed to death last year, an inquest heard. Sumbal Javed misjudged an attempt to ride across Commercial Road in Stepney, colliding with a huge lorry after losing control of his bike. The 34-year-old, who worked as a sandwich courier for Darwin’s Deli in Barnardo Street, Shadwell, died at the scene at rush hour on December 6 last year. An inquest at Poplar Coroner’s Court heard he would have been dragged for more than 60ft after the initial impact. Dutch lorry driver Leendert Spierings, who was driving the truck, broke down in tears as first aider Andrew Knowles told the inquest how he tried to assist Mr Javed. “I went underneath to get to the cyclist,” said Mr Knowles. “His chest was crushed and he had no pulse. I realised I was unable to perform CPR. I asked the driver to put a blanket over him.” Assistant coroner Selena Lynch delivered a narrative verdict, saying the collision was down to a miscalculation of the time available to cross the road.

    Grame Walton aged 64 of Melton Ross, North Lincolnshire was Originally from Bedford, Retired
    On Sunday 9 December 2012 at 9:40 AM Location: A18 between Laceby and Barnoldby le Beck
    Lorry driven by Wayne Marsh aged 48 was Unhurt
    Notes He was arrested on suspicion of causing death by careless driving and released on bail until the end of January. Police said the lorry was travelling in the same direction as the cyclist when the collision happened.
    Sentence 8 months, 1 year ban

    David Irving aged 48
    On Monday 17 December 2012 Location: A 33, Mountbatten Way Flyover, Southampton
    Vehicle driven by Steve Petterson aged 38
    Notes Two motorists have been arrested.

    Julia Howson
    On Saturday 5 January 2013

    Alastair Dudgeon
    On Sunday 6 January 2013

    Yazijy Battah
    On Saturday 12 January 2013

    James Atherton
    On Sunday 13 January 2013

    Geoff Blore
    On Tuesday 15 January 2013

    Alistair MacBean
    On Tuesday 22 January 2013

    Clare Simons aged 30 of Staple Hill, Bristol
    On Sunday 27 January 2013 Location: Hanham, near Bristol
    Vehicle driven by Nicholas Lovell aged 38
    Notes already had 13 convictions for driving whilst disqualified since 1991 and a further four for dangerous driving since 1995 Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
    Sentence 10.5 years Life Ban

    Ross Simons aged 34 of Staple Hill, Bristol
    On Sunday 27 January 2013 Location: Hanham, near Bristol
    Vehicle driven by Nicholas Lovell aged 38
    Notes see above
    Sentence 10.5 years Life Ban

    David Hall
    On Friday 1 February 2013 Location: waiting to turn right off the B1357 onto Green Lane at Moulton Seas End
    Vehicle driven by Joseph Strong of Burnstone Gardens, Moulton
    Notes A survey later carried out by police revealed that over half of motorists cut the corner when negotiating the same bend
    Sentence 6 months suspended, 12 month ban

    David Ernest Hall
    On Friday 1 February 2013

    Edward Orrey
    On Saturday 9 February 2013

    Christian Brown
    On Tuesday 12 February 2013

    Mervyn Watson
    On Wednesday 13 February 2013

    On Sunday 17 February 2013

    David Olliffe
    On Sunday 24 February 2013

    Tony Pickering
    On Tuesday 26 February 2013

    Grahame McGregor of Thornton Close, Pelton, near Chester-le-Street
    On Friday 1 March 2013 Location: Cycling north on the A68 at junction with A692
    Vehicle driven by Steven James Conlan of Wood Terrace, Gateshead
    Notes Easter Monday, using Sat Nav
    Sentence 240 hours of unpaid work, pay a £60 surcharge and £85 court costs and will be banned from driving for two years

    Laurence Gunn aged 32 of Maida Vale
    On Sunday 3 March 2013 at 7:00 PM Location: East Heath Road, pedestrian crossing
    Vehicle driven by Mohammed Rashid aged 23
    Notes Out walking dog, Driver was not wearing glasses and was so short sighted he could not read a number plate 7' away
    Sentence 140 hours unpaid work, a driving disqualification for 12 months, eight points on his licence and ordering him to pay £500 prosecution costs

    Junior Heffernan
    On Sunday 3 March 2013

    Charles Aimer
    On Sunday 17 March 2013

    Christopher Auker
    On Friday 29 March 2013

    Peter Finch
    On Sunday 31 March 2013

    Grahame McGregor
    On Monday 1 April 2013

    Errol Baker
    On Saturday 6 April 2013

    Stephen Little
    On Saturday 6 April 2013

    Katharine Giles
    On Monday 8 April 2013

    Debbie Rook
    On Thursday 11 April 2013

    Nigel Duffin
    On Sunday 14 April 2013

    Pete Parchment
    On Wednesday 24 April 2013

    Valerie Cadogan
    On Wednesday 24 April 2013

    John Parkin
    On Thursday 2 May 2013

    Timothy Jennings
    On Thursday 2 May 2013

    Cyril CawteCawte
    On Sunday 5 May 2013

    George Mitchell
    On Thursday 9 May 2013

    Lee Stead
    On Tuesday 14 May 2013

    Craig Tetsill
    On Thursday 16 May 2013

    Liam Ash
    On Sunday 19 May 2013

    Kyle Allen
    On Tuesday 21 May 2013

    Sean Ruff
    On Tuesday 21 May 2013

    Joe Wilkins aged 39 was a firefighter from Eynsham
    On Friday 24 May 2013 at Dusk Location: Eaton Road near Appleton
    Ford Focus driven by Paul Brown aged 30 of Oxford Road in Eynsham
    Sentence 240 hours unpaid work to be completed within the next 12 months, a specified activity requirement of four sessions of restorative justice within 12 months and a supervision requirement lasting 12 months. He was also disqualified for driving for 12 months. acquitted of causing death by dangerous driving.

    Michael Severs
    On Friday 31 May 2013

    Mitchell Francis
    On Sunday 9 June 2013

    David Wallace
    On Wednesday 12 June 2013

    George Ledingham Bennett
    On Friday 14 June 2013

    Ashya Vanner
    On Sunday 16 June 2013

    Mark Orchard
    On Monday 24 June 2013

    Paul Hutcheson
    On Monday 24 June 2013

    Jeffrey Hennells
    On Friday 28 June 2013

    Callum Wilkinson
    On Saturday 29 June 2013

    Andrew McMenigall
    On Tuesday 2 July 2013

    Toby Wallace
    On Tuesday 2 July 2013

    Phillipine De Gerin-Ricard
    On Friday 5 July 2013

    Ben Carroll
    On Tuesday 9 July 2013

    Robert Lee
    On Wednesday 10 July 2013

    Douglas Brown
    On Thursday 11 July 2013

    George Frederick Searle
    On Thursday 11 July 2013

    Alan Neve
    On Monday 15 July 2013

    Connor Shields
    On Wednesday 17 July 2013

    Owain Richard James
    On Sunday 21 July 2013

    Mary Brook
    On Monday 22 July 2013

    On Thursday 25 July 2013

    Jaye Bloomfield
    On Saturday 3 August 2013

    Rebecca Scott
    On Saturday 3 August 2013

    Clive Haskell Richards
    On Monday 5 August 2013

    John Reeder
    On Wednesday 7 August 2013

    Paul Jones
    On Monday 12 August 2013

    Sam Nutsford
    On Monday 12 August 2013

    Thomas Brady
    On Wednesday 14 August 2013

    Peter Burnett
    On Wednesday 21 August 2013

    Rosemary Hills
    On Wednesday 21 August 2013

    Stephen Churcher
    On Friday 30 August 2013

    Garry Hobson
    On Monday 2 September 2013

    Stephen Barton
    On Monday 2 September 2013

    Adam Maher
    On Tuesday 3 September 2013

    Chiara Giacomini
    On Wednesday 4 September 2013

    Delaney Brown aged 19
    On Thursday 5 September 2013 Location: Vincent Road, Leagrave
    Silver BMW (Stolen) driven by Kyle Beckford aged 22 of Waleys Close, Marsh Farm, Luton
    Notes mounted the pavement and hit the bike, on-going dispute between gangs in the town and there were three other young men in the car and another was riding a moped
    Sentence 24 years in jail

    Alistair Speed
    On Thursday 5 September 2013

    Mark Buckley
    On Thursday 5 September 2013

    Daniel Squire
    On Saturday 7 September 2013

    Maria Karsa
    On Sunday 15 September 2013

    On Friday 20 September 2013

    Jennifer Hossack aged 27 of Horsham
    On Friday 27 September 2013 Location: near Pulborough on the A29, driver travelling southbound
    Vehicle driven by Samuel Kirk aged 26 of Billinghirst
    Notes driving while banned and having no insurance, when it overtook another car, crossed a double white line failing to stop at a road collision, failing to report an accident, driving while being under the influence of drugs and causing a death while driving an unlicensed, uninsured car while being disqualified.
    Sentence 20 weeks, banned for 3 years

    Jennifer Hossack
    On Friday 27 September 2013

    Sally Low
    On Saturday 28 September 2013

    On Wednesday 2 October 2013

    Muthumanaka Pinhamy
    On Friday 4 October 2013

    Darren Greaves
    On Thursday 17 October 2013

    Jonathan Palmer
    On Monday 28 October 2013

    Eric Codling
    On Sunday 3 November 2013

    Brian Holt
    On Tuesday 5 November 2013

    Francis Golding
    On Tuesday 5 November 2013

    Roger de Klerk
    On Tuesday 12 November 2013

    Stewart Gandy
    On Tuesday 12 November 2013

    Khalid al-Hashimi
    On Wednesday 13 November 2013

    Venera Minakhmetova
    On Wednesday 13 November 2013

    Jake Gilmour
    On Saturday 16 November 2013

    Robert Graham Devlin
    On Sunday 17 November 2013

    Paul Novak
    On Monday 18 November 2013

    Richard Muzira
    On Monday 18 November 2013

    On Wednesday 20 November 2013

    David James
    On Saturday 30 November 2013

    Paul Grenville
    On Sunday 1 December 2013

    Hugh Fairgrieve
    On Sunday 8 December 2013

    Robert McHardy
    On Sunday 8 December 2013

    Elizabeth McDermott
    On Wednesday 11 December 2013

    Leon Edwards
    On Thursday 12 December 2013

    Simon Charles Martin
    On Tuesday 24 December 2013

    Robert Don
    On Monday 30 December 2013

    John Moorland aged 30
    On Friday 14 February 2014 at 9:00 PM Location: Purley Rise, between the junctions of Westbury Lane and Sherwood Rise
    Black BMW driven by Man aged 31 of Purley on Thames

    Kris Jarvis aged 39
    On Friday 14 February 2014 at 9:00 PM Location: Purley Rise, between the junctions of Westbury Lane and Sherwood Rise
    Black BMW driven by Man aged 31 of Purley on Thames