Nine Images

A background summary of my prosecution, by Steve Kidd

Mona LisaPontefract and Castleford Express, June 17th 2021I have no more 'made' indecent images of anything than I painted the Mona Lisa.

This newspaper report, by using the legal terms, is misleading to the ordinary reader. It reads like I've had a studio set up to produce kiddy-porn. "Making indecent images of children". I have NOT.

These are the legal definitions:

  • "Making' an image includes downloading an image from a webpage to a computer screen."
  • "The Children Act 1989, defines a child as 'anyone who has not yet reached their 18th birthday."

    This can incorporate many things from the truly horrific to the indistinguishable. Many good people could be found guilty of the same crime judged on these definitions.

    This is without a doubt the most unpleasant web-page I have ever made. In April 2021 I was prosecuted as a sex-offender. My life as I knew it has been torpedoed. Use your imagination. It was bad, but manageable until the local paper published this short report three weeks after my sentencing. The conviction, I firmly believe, has not achieved an iota of benefit for anybody, other than those who get paid for managing it (I want to add I do believe that everybody concerned has only done their job, that is the police, probation, forensics, judicial system, and newspaper). I mean that nobody is safer, and I have lost a computer with my life's work on it. Like being caught speeding and having the car trashed, along with literally reams of stuff I love, and which could yield considerable social benefits. A computer on which there were NO OFFENDING IMAGES. Publication of the offence has cost a lot of people a lot of pain and anxiety, not only me (and trust me, it is inordinate) but more especially those wonderful people, close to me, My kids, my ex-wife, my family, my friends, and all those aquaintances that I have enjoyed living in the same small town with for 60 years.

    I can reassure you, I have never 'made' any pornographic images of anything in the sense we normally understand 'made'.

    For 18 months the police had two hard drives and my laptop they found 9 (nine) offending images. There were 683,263 other images, a lifetimes record of family, friends and work. Even with only one offending image the police are obliged to prosecute. My lawyer recommended I plead guilty. To not do so would mean Crown Court, no guarantee of a win and potential costs of £40,000 with jail. I could not say guilty fast enough.

    A lawyer only gets descriptions of the images in a forensic report, which was withheld from me prior to the hearing and sentencing. I maintained I did not know of the images, and if they were even real photographs. After sentencing I was vexed in that I still didn't know what the subject matter was and where it was. My lawyer eventually gave me a printout of the forensic report.

    The nine images were in a single folder in what can best be described as a dump, on an 8TB hard drive I bought at the beginning of 2018 to collate the CD's, Floppies, pen drives, USB drives, SD cards, computers, and other hard drives that had been gathering dust for the previous 18 years. The 9 images all had the same creation date (31st January 2018, when I did a mass transfer of gigabytes of data from other devices). The 9 images all had the same last access date. The exact date as the creation date. The exact SECOND of the creation date (07:48:13). Ergo, I had never looked at them. I didn't know they were there.

    Header of forensic report with names and identification redacted
    Header of forensic report with names and identification redacted

    Locations of the images
    Locations of the images on the hard drive

    A time stamp of the first image, the other eight are identical
    A time stamp of the first image, the other eight are identical

    The police got their collar, I got the minimum sentence possible.

    I have had dozens of AirBNB guests staying at my house almost constantly for the entire period concerned, with absolutely free and unfettered access to the internet. Subsequent to me initially writing this, I discovered something jaw dropping about the guest I most suspected. I have linked to the story here. If he did not trigger the internet activity which resulted in my computer (on which there were no images) along with two hard drives (one of which contained nine images I had never looked at for the life of that hard drive) being taken and destroyed along with my life, I'll stand the drop of York.

    The moral is, FFS tidy your shit up, you really don't know what could be kicking about.

    I have NEVER wanted anything but good for all, especially children, of my family, neighbours, friends, and acquaintances.

    In that time I have never had a single nefarious thought about any of them.

    I have never been a danger to children, far from it, I have endeavored to help and encourage whenever I can, and I would hope that every thing anyone knows of me first hand evidences that.

    I have never paid for online pornography. I have never traded online pornography. I've never knowingly distributed pornography. I've never discussed pornography with anybody on line. I have never created a demand for any kind of pornography online. I have never 'made' pornography in any size shape or form.


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