The River Went: Yorkshire

Walking route

Start: Small Bridge above Streethouse - 438534,420225
End: Confluence with River Don - 466763,418782

THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL! (April 2021). Some details may have yet to be completed, nevertheless, it's better than what I started with. You can scroll the map at the top. There are many places where you could try an alternative route, but as things stand, this is the way I would walk to combine purpose with pleasure.

Start Action End SectionKm Total
Footbridge Walk down hill to the lakes, around and to the opposite side of them both Culvert 0.600 0.600
Culvert With the stream bed on your left walk to the road Road Bridge 0.200 0.800
Road Bridge Turn left over the road bridge, then after 20 m, right onto the football field Football field 0.020 0.820
Football field Walk to the opposite corner of the field ACG (Anti Cyclist Gate) 0.180 1.000
ACG (Anti Cyclist Gate) Turn right along the unnamed street to the end George Street 0.150 1.150
George Street Turn left up George Street then after 20m right onto Meadway Rough Ground 0.150 1.300
Rough Ground Bear rightish to cross a ditch and follow the paths which take you to the railway line Railway Line 0.300 1.600
Railway Line Turn left, Level Crossing 0.100 1.700
Level Crossing Turn right to cross Railway Tracks onto Red Lane Whinney Lane 0.100 1.800
Whinney Lane Turn Left, and walk to the Traffic Lights. Worst bit of the walk :( Lin Pac Traffic Lights 1.160 2.960
Lin Pac Traffic Lights Cross the road and over the wee mound to the War horse War Horse 0.030 2.990
War Horse Follow the path away from the main road, anti clockwise around the area Swing Gate 0.550 3.540
Swing Gate A Few meters after the last swing gate cross over the ditches on the right Crop field 0.025 3.565
Crop field Walk Anti clockwise around the field Estate 0.175 3.740
Estate Follow the path around the back of the house (at the end you veer left to reach the Playing Field 0.150 3.890
Playing Field Walk SSW straight to the playing apparatus to your right Apparatus 0.100 3.990
Apparatus On your right a track leads into the scrub woods and takes you to the beck and fields Fields 0.165 4.155
Fields YAY! Follow the river keeping it on your right. You will have to cross a road (Went Lane B6428), so I’d walk away from the river too the end of the fence 30 meters. In addition these are not all official paths, but they do get used Footbridge 2.780 6.935
Footbridge Counter-intuitively torn left, going through the fence and up the field on the left, at the top of which you find a stile Stile 0.234 7.169
Stile Turn right onto Purston Lane (B6421). As you approach Ackworth Cross, sneak right down the Snicket 0.126 7.295
Snicket Alternatively visit The Brown Cow Pub 60 meters further along Purston Lane! A628 0.050 7.345
A628 Cross the main road and look for another snicket opposite the road junction (bottom side). Follow the snicket onto the housing estate, turn right past people washing their cars so they can work 20 miles away, left to follow Hill Drive up the hill, at the end of which cross the road, through the snicket just on your right (signposted) Stile 0.300 7.645
Stile Through the snicket follow the path more or less in the same direction which will take you to the southernmost point of the field where there is another 30 meter snicket onto Station Road 0.600 8.245
Station Road Cross Station road over the style just to your right Stile 0.012 8.257
Stile Bear left from the stile and keep walking approximately South West along the established footpath. Pass Low Farm on your right and say hello again to the River Went River Went near Low Farm 0.700 8.957
River Went near Low Farm Turn left, with the river on your right, follow your nose Footbridge 2.400 11.357
Footbridge Cross the footbridge, turn left and walk to the A639 at Standing Flat Bridge. Standing Flat Bridge 0.300 11.657
Standing Flat Bridge The path starts on the right bank and is fairly distinct, and parts from it after a couple of hundred meters, as the river swings left the path goes right. Skirt the field as far as the road Wentbridge Lane 1.214 12.871
Wentbridge Lane Turn left after the style and walk along the road into Wentbridge Wentbridge 0.500 13.371
Wentbridge The. path is signposted opposite the road junction. Once you are on this path you follow your nose, with the river a constant companion on your left! (don't shoot up the hill under the A1 viaduct). Cross a style after 3 km and you can only turn right up the hill into the village Kirk Smeaton 3.500 16.871
Kirk Smeaton At the top, turn left and a hundred meters later you are at the Shoulder of Mutton, which is the perfect Half-Way house. By-pass the kink in the road by continuing to the church along the path, and rejoin the road at the end of the churchyard St Peters Church lane 0.212 17.083
St Peters Church lane Leave the churchyard and shuffle right then left down the road, until it swings left. Water lane corner 0.530 17.613
Water lane corner The footpath on the right bank on the river is signposted. You eventually will need to head under the arch on the old railway line, you can’t miss it, then onto the road Willowbridge Road 0.580 18.193
Willowbridge Road Turn left and cross the River Willowbridge 0.125 18.318
Willowbridge Turn back right after the bridge, and kind of follow your nose. The first field you have to go in-bye a bit to get through the hedge, and after perhaps 1.5 k you are forced left, but you will soon spot a gap to nip through. You will eventually reach Tanpit Lane 2.290 20.608
Tanpit Lane Turn left on the road until Stubbs Walden turn 0.100 20.708
Stubbs Walden turn Continue on your line until the road seems to enter a farm with private houses. The path runs right in front of these houses, but you wouldn’t know it. Not long after these you will see the footbridge doubling back over the river Footbridge 1.080 21.788
Footbridge Turn left and follow the river to the A19 A 19 1.142 22.930
A 19 Walk along the south side of the river. Initial fence needs a clamber, and after about a km you have too divert right to cross a farm track over a couple of gates, but that it. ECML Footbridge 3.053 25.983
ECML Footbridge Cross the dyke just on the north of the footbridge, Under the railway, and keep the river on your right You will have to make diversions away from the river over dykes. Eventually you will get to an official looking track near the village, turn right onto it and work to the gate where there is a road near the farm., Topham 3.250 29.233
Topham Turn left and follow the road a few hundred kilometers to a beautiful windmill house with horrible fences. After that you will see your footpath signposted on the left. Once your on that you just keep on until you reach some farm buildings which you divert around left. Works permitting the path continues on its embankment until you get to the canal where you will see the footbridge on your left, which you have to cross Canal 3.300 32.533
Canal Walk north a few yards along the canal side, before hopping over the fence to take you down between the river on your left and a drainage ditch on the left. And that’s it. All the way to the end of the river, you have to cross one road rally near the end. River Don 2.450 34.983

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