LightSpeed and QU12 Individual Open Buzzer Quizzes

Rules for 2018

There will be twelve tournaments, usually on the last Saturday, but occasionally Sunday, of each month and a weekend in December (Check the Calendar). All games are played by individuals on buzzers. Each Tourney will have a LightSpeed Quiz, a QU12 and a 'Special'.

LightSpeed Quiz

An ongoing championship where each month's results contribute to a players end of year total

Each tournament will have a LightSpeed Quiz comprising 8 'tilts' of 20 questions each, divided into different genres as follows:

Music, incorporating Pop, Jazz, Classical, Radio, Musicals
Arts, incorporating Art, Architecture, Food, Language, Literature
History, incorporating Biography, Myth, Politics
Pastimes, incorporating Sport, Games
Visual, incorporating Visual, Film, TV, Theatre
Current, incorporating News, Celebrity, Fashion, Crime, Business, Froth, Lore
Science, incorporating Maths, Technology, Nature, Medical, Chemistry, Biology, Astronomy, Physics
Geography, incorporating Social Sciences

  • Tilts will be between individuals in the form of fastest response (buzz, then answer) questions (à la 'University Challenge' starters)
  • All correct answers worth two buzz points
  • All incorrect interruptions minus one point
  • Entry and entry fees:

    Entry must be confirmed via the facebook event pages by midnight on the Thursday before the event.

    Cost per Tourney is 5 per person.

    Each contestant shall have an android device with the LightSpeed Buzzer App. (These can be hired at events for 3 a time, but most phones and tablets are perfect).

    Each contestant shall be connected and ready to play two minutes prior to the start time of each game, which are as follows:


    14:30 (Prelim)
    15:00 (1)
    15:30 (2)
    16:00 (3)



    Handicaps are based entirely on money paid in and won.

  • For each 1 LSQ entry fee paid in for previously played in events a player receives a one point start (Note: This does not include the current event fee)
  • For each 1 LSQ won, a player receives a one point handicap

    Tournament Prizes

    A player's net total points (score +/- their handicap) will define their position at the end of a Tourney and the appropriation of the cash prizes
  • 30 and a medal will go to the Net Champion
  • A medal will go to the Gross Champion
  • 20 will go to the Net runner-up
  • 10 will go to the Net third place

    Season Points

    At the end of a Tourney the players shall receive

  • 3 points for attending, plus
  • 12 points for first place, down to 1 point for 12th place

    In the case of tied scores, sudden death will be played for those contesting a first place, otherwise, rank will be sorted by a) most two pointers, b) highest individual tilt scores, then c) last person to get a two pointer.

    Season's Prizes

  • A trophy will be awarded to the LightSpeed Quiz Champion, The person who amasses the most ranking points over in the year
  • QU12

    A high-jepoardy quiz comprising 12 monthly qualifiers and an end of season final for 500. Generally a QU12 will comprise

    Round '0' - Qualifier

    All players who have not automatically qualified for the day's QU12 will play a qualification round to get into the game proper. Using standard LSQ rules, a player who amasses six points will qualify, until such time as the 12 places for round 1 are filled

    Round 1 - "12 Angry Men"

  • 12 players play for 12 minutes
  • Scoring: Correct answer = 1 point, Incorrect interruption passes on and carries a penalty of loss of half accumulated points.
  • Outcome: Top eight progress to Round 2

    Round 2 - "The Dirty Dozen"

  • 8 players contest 12 questions, each question comprising six clues
  • Scoring: Correct answer on first clue = 6 points, Correct answer on second clue = 5 points, etc.. Negative comparative points for a wrong answer
  • Outcome: Top four progress to Round 3

    Round 3 - "12 Answers A Place"

  • 4 players play for the first to 24 points (i.e. 12 correct answers)
  • Scoring: All correct answers worth two buzz points, All incorrect interruptions lose a life, three lives and out
  • Outcome: The winner qualifies for the 500 final in December

    Entry fees

    2 (with an additional 20 for the winner to pay for their place in the final) per person


    A final QU12 will be played in December, at the end of the last tournament, between the 12 champions from each month. The rules will be the same apart from the winner recieves the 'Prix Pathetique' of 500

  • Special

    To finish off each day there will be a 'Special' of the setter's choosing. A special might consist of 50 questions with a theme to the answers.

    LSQ rules might apply, but without handicaps

    The winner(s) gets a medal

    Super Specials

    During the course of the year one-off "Super Specials" may be held, which will be stand-alone events, but counting towards the "Buzzer of The Year" (see below)

    Buzzer Of The Year

  • A trophy will be awarded to the Buzzer Of The Year. To qualify a person must have set at least 160 LSQ questions, set one Special, hosted, and have qualified for or competed in at least six QU12s.

    Buzzer of the year points can be gained thus:

  • Scoring during all comps. 1 point per point.
  • Distance travelled from home address to venues according to googlemaps. 1 point for each 10 km. Double for driver with contestant passenger, Double for public transport, tenfold for on foot or bike.

    General Rules

  • Each player has an option to play their first Tourney for free, but forfeits any prizes
  • Any player may object to a question or answer within one question of completion. If the objection is overuled that player's right to objection is then forfeit.
  • Scoring errors spotted after the event WILL effect results, except in cases where replays would be required
  • The questionmaster's descision is final.


  • All competitors are welcome and ecouraged to host events, Click here for Setting Guidelines