DeerLightSpeed Individual Open Buzzer Quiz

Rules for 2016


  • There will be twelve LSQ Tourneys, one at the end of each month, alternating between Saturdays on odd months and Sundays on even months and a weekend in December including the QU12 final
  • There will be a total of around 240 questions asked during any Tourney, divided equally between contestants


  • At every Tourney, contestants will take it in turns to ask, or participate in asking a set of questions, each set shall be called a 'tilt'
  • Tilts will be between individuals in the form of fastest response (buzz, then answer) questions (à la 'University Challenge' starters)
  • All correct answers worth two buzz points
  • All incorrect interruptions minus one point
  • In the case of ties, one point shall be awarded


  • The entry fee for a Tourney is £10
  • Each player has an option to play their first Tourney for free, but forfiets any cash prizes
  • For 100, a player will be admitted to 10 subsequent tournaments in the year and given a place in the QU12 final


    The hierarchy for entry is as follows:
    1. One reserved Rookie spot
    2. Player with longest unbroken run of entries up to the event
    3. Equal competing claims will be awarded to first to pay entry fee (paypal to )


    Handicaps are based entirely on money paid in and won.
  • For each 1 entry fee paid in for previously played in events a player receives a one point start (Note: This does not include the current event fee)
  • For each 1 won, a player receives a one point handicap
  • Any player who did not play in the 2016 Fastermind is welcome to buy 20 points start by giving 20 to MSF

    Tournament Prizes

    A player's net total points (score +/- their handicap) will define their position at the end of a Tourney and the appropriation of the cash prizes
  • 30% of each kitty, and a medal will go to the Tourney winner (net)
  • A medal will go to the Monthly winner (gross)
  • A place in the QU12 final will go to the highest ranked (gross and net) players who have not yet gained qualification to the QU12 final
  • 20% of each kitty will go to the Tourney runner-up (net)
  • 10% of each kitty will go to the Tourney third place (net)
  • A medal will be awarded to the winner(s) of the 'Special', an end of tourney quiz that differs every month that incorporates not just buzzer quizzing but also money spent over the bar!

    Ranking Points

  • At the end of a Tourney the players shall receive the following ranking points (double for December)
    1. 3 points for attending
    2. 1 point for each person beaten (gross)
    3. Bonuses: 12 points for a win, 7 points for second, 3 points for third

    Season's Prizes

  • A trophy will be awarded to the LightSpeed Quiz Champion, The person who amasses the most ranking points over their best six events in the year
  • A trophy will be awarded to the Buzzer of the Year, the person who amasses the most 'buzz' points
  • 40% of each kitty and a trophy will go to the QU12 winner


    All advance payers and all qualifiers will be invited to play in the QU12 final in December. Obviously there will be only one slot per person.

    If more than 12 people qualify for the qu12 final, they will all be invited

    If less than 12 people qualify, the remaining slots will be balloted out between all non-qualifiers who attend the final. Each non qualifier will have a ticket in the draw for each LSQ they have attended.