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The interest and objective of the author of these pages is social welfare - A betterment of the human condition. There are no sponsors, I have no paymasters and I have no interest other than that engendered by logic and evidence.

Transport is the aspect of our relationship with society and the environment which I reckon is the most neglected. Specifically our addiction to petrol make us generally less happy, and leaves a legacy of pollution and waste for our descendants. The fundamental philosophy of this site is:

Wherever possible, all costs for all activities should be paid for by the beneficary

It is an unequivocal endorsement of free market economics and this adage can be, should be, applied to all our activities. As of Christmas 2006, as regards transport, the logical implication is that petrol users should pay a great deal more for their activities.

This is not the message which the majority of people wish to hear, vicariously it is a message neglected by politicians, transport planners those in the media, academics and society in general, nevertheless, to dismiss an argument of the grounds of unpopularity is somewhat disingenuous. It is hoped that these pages will illustrate a few of the many arguments in favour of a radical (by present day standards) re-thinking of transport policy. Being a resident of Pontefract, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, a lot of the stuff is fairly 'Yorkshire-centric', but I have tried to collate the local stuff underneath the section headed "Wakefield". Regarding transport at local, regional, national and international scales can be incredibly dispiriting.

I will try to collate as much writing and information as I can. As with any web site they are always "under construction" so forgive omissions and lack of continuity, but do not forgive broken links or mis-information. My Kids are the greatest, and Danny Dorling & Phil Rees are my heroes.

Last update: January 9th 2014

You will find some links at the top of this page for local stuff. Here are a few essays/ideas/criticisms