Steve Kidd of Pontefract

Yorkshireman, quiz fan, passionate about transport, free-market socialist.


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I used to organise the best open filmed quizzes in the country. No probably about it!

My favourite own pages at the moment are my River Went Guide and my regular on-line quiz guide

Before jumping to conclusions

Telephone me on 07462 272552 or

If, on the off chance, you are here to find our what a bad guy I am, try here. I hope I'm the same level of bad in 20 years time and have been for the last 50.

If you decline to be informed ***SPOILER ALERT*** you will be uninformed

"an' it's the difference between good and evil. Evil can be unscrupulous, and good can't. Evil has nothing to stop it doing what it wants, while good has one hand tied behind its back. To do the things it needs to do to win, it'd have to become evil to do 'em."