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I love movies! Since I got a Cineworld Unlimited card I like them even more. Starting from Captain Phillips in 2013 I decided to keep an account of the films I watched, wierdly enough, that task subsuming a real world diary. It is a sad indictment of my life, all our lives, that fiction occupies so much of it. Whatever! One day I will work out how to put in sortable tables in HTML, but in the meantime here is the heads-up on the navigation, hopefully it is reasonably obvious from the header

A double dagger (‡) denotes an Oscar winning film, a single dagger (†) tags other Oscar winners

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    The ratings are weighted for watching at home as a mark out of 10 as follows:

    0 : Unwatchable
    1 : Poor film with little redemption
    2 : Watch something else if available
    3 : Sit through for the sake of it
    4 : Don't pay to watch it
    5 : Reasonable displacement activity
    6 : Glad I saw it at least once
    7 : Not bad at all Good film
    8 : Great film
    9 : Nigh on Perfect
    10 : Perfect

    N.b. Regarding the "10" score, I know there is no such thing as perfect; what I really mean is a near as dammit to a complete (viewing) experience where I can't remember any scenes that are wasted, where the carachters are well acted and believable and the story captivates and satisfies

    I reckon that the cinema adds to points two the enjoyment quotient of any film; likewise the theatre can add another two, so technically things can score 14 in terms of the complete West End experience!

    Stuff is sorted without the English articles ('The', 'an', or 'a'), ergo e.g. The Drop is indexed by D (but La Bamba stays as it is))

    When stuff, usually a film, is part of a series I will name it with the series title, the number of the film, semi-colon, then the title.

    I love to include comments from people whose opinion deserves respect, so thanks (you are quoted in red text).

    Please be patient with the hyperlinks. Clicking on titles should take you to the Wikipedia entry, and I am trying to establish internal links to my entries within the text, but that will take time, (Wikipedia entries are not titled consistently e.g. Some are "film" or "2012_film).

    This is beyond doubt the only credible and reliable rating system for entertainment